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Renryuu Ascension Save File – (Version 23.11.06)

Renryuu Ascension Save File - Another interesting game on Itch is Renryuu Ascension. This game has lots of characters and an engaging storyline...
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Renryuu Ascension Save File - Another interesting game on Itch is Renryuu Ascension. This game has lots of characters and an engaging storyline.

Have you been looking for Renryuu Ascension Save Files? Then you are in the right place.

Renryuu Ascension is a game that allows you to take on the role of Renryuu, this character overheard a plot of placing an imposter on the Throne, with his powers he plans on taking over the crown for himself.

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Renryuu Ascension Save File – (Version 23.11.06)

Players can explore worlds, construct buildings, and engage in other mini-games.

Mind you, I wouldn't like to discuss much about this game because it contains some explicit content kids are not to view. So take this as a disclaimer that this blog does not promote any adult games or sexual content.

In this post, I will provide you with the uploaded Renyruu ascension save files from other gamers that will improve your game experience.

We all know how important it is for you to save your progress while playing such an interesting game. In this post, I will provide the directory list to help you find your saved game location.

Renryuu Ascension Save File for Version 23.11.06

Mind you, this game is also available on Windows. All you have to do is visit the right place to download it. 

During my research, I found the Renryuu Ascension Save File that can help you unlock different endings in this game.

All thanks to a player named Fer99 who helped upload the saved files to forums online. Problems with the download links, drop a comment.

If you have a saved file that you would like to upload here. Kindly send it to us via email (

Renryuu Ascension Save (Version 23.11.06)

Author: Fer99

Uploaded Date: 7th November 2023

Description: Here is a 100% full save for the latest 23.11.06.

File Size: 119.2 KB

Download (Google Drive)
That's the save file for the latest versions of this game and if you still have the previous version of the game. Here are some older versions for you to check out...

Renryuu Ascension Save (Version 23.10.02)

Download (Google Drive)

Renryuu Ascension Save (Version 23.10.02)

Download (Google Drive)

Renryuu Ascension Save (Version 23.08.24)

Download (Google Drive)

How to Install the Renryuu Ascension Save

Before you start this process, make sure you have closed the game.

Download the uploaded files here (It is in a zipped folder format.)

Uncompress it and look for the save location, Replace it with the downloaded one. (Do not forget to backup your own saved file)

Start the game.

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Thanks for reading my blog post on the Renryuu Ascension Save File. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.
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