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Risk of Rain Survivor Tier List - (All Character Ranking)

Risk of Rain Survivor Tier List - This guide contains the full characters' Tier categorized according to their in-game abilities. With 12 characters..
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Risk of Rain Survivor Tier List - This guide contains the full characters' Tier categorized according to their in-game abilities. With 12 characters, this list will help you with which character you should always aim for, ranking them from Tier S to D.

Risk of Rain Survivor Tier List - (All Character Ranking)

In the past days, I have dedicated myself to answering search queries about this game such as How to Unlock Characters in Risk of Rain Returns and How to Unlock Early Sacrifice in Risk of Rain Returns

There are still more articles about this game, you can check them out by using the search box on our website. Since we are focused on the tier list of each character, here is how I would grade each character. Do not forget to share your own list, if you have made any.

Table of Contents

Risk of Rain Survivor Tier List

Each list you find online might be different because everyone has a different perspective on each character. Here is how I would grade each character, so yours might be different from mine.

Risk of Rain Survivor Tier List - Tier S

  • CHEF  – Tier S
  • Artificer – Tier S
  • Drifter  – Tier S
  • Pilot  – Tier S

Risk of Rain Survivor Tier List - Tier A

  • Acrid – Tier A
  • Sniper – Tier A
  • Loader – Tier A

Risk of Rain Survivor Tier List - Tier B

  • HAN-D – Tier B
  • Bandit – Tier B
  • Engineer – Tier B
  • Miner – Tier B
  • Mercenary – Tier B

Risk of Rain Survivor Tier List - Tier C

  • Commando – Tier C
  • Enforcer – Tier C 
  • Huntress – Tier C

There you have it, the 15 in-game characters have been categorized under one list or the other. You can still bookmark this page for more updates. Now let me provide some bonus talks for each individual and why they are in that category.

Risk of Rain Survivor Tier List - (Bonus Talks)

Risk of Rain Survivor Tier List - (All Character Ranking)


Looking at the list, I have to put in those guys that have been unlocked for you before the game begins. Commando is a cool character but I have to say that it feels a bit cliché shooting guns.

His health is decent, but you see that move you double tap to do is not that reliable and I think putting him in the C Tier is okay because his moves and skills are just too common among others.


Talking about this character, Mercenary. Back in the day, he was always among the Top Tiers (I mean the S Tiers) but I had to drop him in the B category because following the last update, there have been a lot of downgrades made to this character such as the Health, and cooldowns, all worse.

To me, he is just one of those average survivors. Mind you, he is still a great character, only that he is not once the ninja he used to be before.


There's been some controversy lately on Reddit concerning this character. I know that you might disagree but this character has moved from C to S in my Tier List and that is because the recent update gave her some serious firepower.

She performs better with high DPS.

Our Risk of Rain Survivor Tier List Ranks - (Explained Well)

Each character in the Risk of Rain Survivor Tier List has been ranked from the best to the worst. So this is why we begin with the S Tier to the D Tier. 

Remember back in college, we were given grades for each score on our tests. Imagine that stands for A+ and stands for F-. Now let us further break them down:

  • Tier S: Any character inserted in this category is considered the best in the game. Their presence alone guarantees you success.
  • Tier A: The characters in this list are also great additions, you just need to do some strategic thoughts.
  • Tier B: These characters have some great abilities but they are not as good and great as those in Tier S.
  • Tier C: I wouldn't say these are bad. (haha!)
  • Tier D: These characters are mid. However, they also have something that makes them special.

How Are The Rankings Decided?

Most of the game guides on this website are based on personal research and gameplay. 

Since I'm currently enjoying the Data Analysis world, I take my time to create a list. 

Later I visit other websites to check out their ranking, then later compare and compile to make you the perfect Tokyo Ghoul Break The Chains Tier List Blox Fruits Sword Tier Listand Clover Retribution Race Tier List. To appreciate this stuff, make sure you bookmark this website for you to get more updates.

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