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RoboCop Rogue City Mission List - (All Mission)

Let us begin with the RoboCop Rogue City Main Missions List. The missions here must be completed if you would like to finish the game...
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RoboCop Rogue City Mission List - For players interested in knowing how many missions they must complete to finish this game. This guide provides just the list of all the missions you will play in RoboCop Rogue City.

RoboCop Rogue City Mission List - (All Mission)

RoboCop Rogue City is another recently launched game and it has been the talk of almost every gamer on Steam forums and Twitch. If you would like to set your own FOV and you do not know how! Here is How to Set Custom FOV in RoboCop Rogue City.

Table of Contents

RoboCop Rogue City Mission List - (All Mission)

I would have written a lot more about this game but I haven't had the time to check it out and most of those big websites already provide most of what you might need. Anyway, here is a complete list and side quests required for you to complete this game.

Okay, there is another thing you should know, in this game, there are two types of missions which are the main one and the side mission where you can get a lot of XP and achievements.

RoboCop Rogue City Main Missions List

Let us begin with the RoboCop Rogue City Main Missions List. The missions here must be completed if you would like to finish the game. Once you complete a particular mission, you get 100 XP.

  • Breaking News 
  • Isolated Incident 
  • The Search for Soot 
  • Soot’s Final Encore 
  • Mandatory Evaluation 
  • Street Vultures’ Turf 
  • Hospital Visit 
  • On the Biker’s Tail 
  • Bank Heist 
  • Spike’s Trail 
  • Spike in a Haystack 
  • Ghosts from the Past 
  • Not Over Yet 
  • Silver Lining
  • Shady Meeting 
  • Back to Square One 
  • Wendell’s Confession 
  • Hospital Attack 
  • Regrouping 
  • Cyber Trail 
  • The Man Himself 
  • Arms Race 
  • Answer the Call 
  • Election Night Riots 
  • Burning Building 
  • The Revenge of the Street Vultures 
  • ED-209 Strikes Back 
  • Wendell’s Trace 
  • No Way Out 
  • Another Shift 
  • From the Ashes

RoboCop Rogue City Side Missions List

RoboCop Rogue City Mission List - (All Mission)
For players who love this game, you might want to consider completing the secondary mission. You need to also know that the side mission is not a must, but people participate in it to earn 50 Xp and some other achievements require them.
  • Locked and Loaded – Police Station (first visit) 
  • Too Many Complaints – Police Station (first visit) 
  • Stinky Situation – Police Station (first visit) 
  • Time to Repent – The Search for Soot (first downtown visit) 
  • Stolen Vehicle – The Search for Soot (first downtown visit) 
  • Who Killed Casey Carmel? – The Search for Soot (first downtown visit) 
  • Discount Dealer – The Search for Soot (first downtown visit) 
  • Get Well, Lewis – Police Station (second visit)
  • Server Malfunction – Police Station (second visit) 
  • Biker’s Secrets – Steel Mill 
  • Unwanted Goods – Steel Mill 
  • Hostage Rescue – Steel Mill 
  • In Memory of Officer Briggs – Police Station (third visit) 
  • Target Practice – Police Station (third visit) 
  • Lights Out – Police Station (fourth visit) 
  • Domestic Terrorist – Police Station (fourth visit) 
  • Attack on Courthouse – (second downtown visit) 
  • First Field Training – (second downtown visit) 
  • Be Kind Rewind – (second downtown visit) 
  • Illegal Broadcast – OCP Correctional Facility 
  • Armory Break-In – OCP Correctional Facility 
  • Fishy Situation – Police Station (fifth visit) 
  • Who Killed Simon Page – (third downtown visit) 
  • Shooting at the Arcade 
  • Shooting at the Video Rental 
  • Samantha’s Investigation – OCP headquarters
That's all you need to know about this topic. In the coming days, whenever there are any queries on Reddit, I will try my best to provide answers to them.

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