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The Will of Arthur Flabbington Walkthrough Guide

The Will of Arthur Flabbington Walkthrough - Look at Burner > Look at Cabinet > Use Cabinet > Look at Drops > Take Drops > Look at Brush > Take Brush.
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The Will of Arthur Flabbington Walkthrough - Another new game added to our list of walkthroughs is The Will of Arthur Flabbington.

The Will of Arthur Flabbington Walkthrough Guide

In this game, each player got news of their uncle's death without leaving anything in his will, but he mentioned a mysterious treasure. Another problem is that only two people get to recover this treasure and their hate for each other won't allow them to focus.

Table of Contents

The Will of Arthur Flabbington Walkthrough Guide

You can participate in Puzzles, Posses other NPCs, and interact with Stuff.

For games like this, you might need our help that is why we have provided all the help you need in our Will of Arthur Flabbington Walkthrough. If there are any updates in the future, we advise you to bookmark this page.

Act 1: The Seance

The Will of Arthur Flabbington Walkthrough Guide
2 Achievements appear to be missing, but the rest is complete...

Studio: Read paper > Look at Candle stand. 

Waiting room: Look at the Magazine > Take Magazine > Look at Fly > Use Magazine with Fly > Take Fly > Use Fly with Plant > Look at Skull fragment > Take Skull fragment >  Look at Key > Take Key > Look at the Bathroom door > Use Key on the Bathroom door.

Studio: Talk to Madame Julia (Exhaust all topics) > Ask to use the Bathroom (any answer will do). 

Waiting room: Use the Key on the Bathroom door > Use the Bathroom door.

Bathroom: Look at Burner > Look at Cabinet > Use Cabinet > Look at Drops > Take Drops > Look at Brush > Take Brush > Look at Brush head > Take Brush head > Look at Washer > Take Washer > Use Toilet Brush with Box (get Glove) > Look at Window > Use Window 2x > Look at Toilet > Use Toilet > Use Glove with Toilet > Use Skull Fragment with Toilet

Studio: Use Coin with Candle stand > Look at Fan > Take Fan > Use Magazine with Candle > Use Fan with Magazine 

Waiting Room: Use Fan with Magazine Bathroom: Use Fan with Magazine > Use Magazine with Burner  

Waiting Room: Use the Bathroom door (make sure the window is closed) Bathroom: Take Dead fly > Use Fly with Plant (give 8 of them to the plant without drops) > Take Dead fly (should be your 10th kill

Achievement #03 Serial killer  

Waiting Room: Use Drops with Fly > Use Fly with Plant > Look at Plant pot > Use Plant pot (get Dirt)  

Studio: Use Magazine with Candle > Use Magazine with Crucible > Use Fan with Crucible > Use Skull cup with Crucible > Use Dirt with Crucible > “How do I get rid of him?” > “I guess we should go treasure hunting.” > “Uhh, I’m still being charged for this.”

Act 2: The Hunt

The Will of Arthur Flabbington Walkthrough Guide
#Achievement 04: Act 2  

#Achievement 05: A stroll in the park (this happens randomly when you take 1000 steps)  

Answer all 3 lines. 

Cemetery: Look at cones. Take Cone.

Cemetery Office: Look at Display > Use Display > Scroll down the Display to look up Arthur > Talk to Guardian > “I am looking for a grave.” > “Is there any alternative to the paper archive?” > “What if I could talk to the dead though?” > “OK, but where’s your grandfather’s grave?” > “OK, but where’s exactly your grandfather’s grave?” 

Cemetery: Pick any grave and click on the name. 

#Achievement 06: The dear departed

Hardwidge Crypt: Look at Portrait

#Achievement 07: Memorial photo

Fountain Square: 
Restaurant: Look at Business cards > Look at Donut tray > Use Donut tray > Talk to Waitress (exhaust all topics, let her mention the missing card). 

Barber Shop: Look at Magazine > Take Magazine > Use Magazine (get Coupon) > Use Coupon on Barber > Look at Samples > Look at Purple > Take Purple.

Lakefront: Left side > Switch to Arthur > Use Door  

Bistro Kitchen: Look at Post-it  

Lakefront: Switch to Jack > Use Keypad (6554) > Use Door  

Bistro Kitchen: Look at rightmost Fridge > Use rightmost Fridge > Look at Fish > Take Fish  

Right side, look at Car > Use Car > Look at Lanyard > Use Lanyard

Park, lakeside: Talk to Fishing Man> “Aren’t you the cemetery florist?” > “Any plans to get back to work tomorrow?” > Switch to Arthur > Float over the water and lure the fish next to the sign > Use Umbrella with Fishing line > Use Fish with Fishing line > Make a round through the park while you are at it, to have it on the map.

Park, north: Switch to Arthur > Look at Ghost > Talk to Ghost (exhaust all topics to learn he is Philip Boesecke).

Cemetery: Look at the Florist > Talk to the Florist > Ask for all flowers > Take a bouquet of flowers from each kind (4 total) > Now use those flowers on random graves until you've done 10. #Achievement 08: Flowers everywhere > Talk to the Florist and ask for Daisies if you don’t have them anymore > Use Dye on Daisies > Visit all graves and crypts and look at all epitaphs and portraits.  

#Achievement 09: Beauty lover  

#Achievement 10: Miss you all

Cemetery Office: Give Daisies to Guardian > Walk right to the Cemetery > Walk to plot 6,2 (unless it’s random per game) > Look at Thelonious Smith > Switch to Arthur > Talk to Thelonious Smith (exhaust all topics).

Common grave: Talk to Tobias (exhaust all topics). 

Lia’s produce store: Look at all products (including the Pineapple) > Take Potato > Take Chili pepper > Take Eggplant > Take Onion > Take Zucchini > Take Pepper > Take Pineapple (can’t have it).

Ada’s house front: Use Cone on Rebel kid > Talk to Rebel kid (exhaust all options) > Use Doorbell.  

Ada’s house inside: Talk to Ada (exhaust all options) > Look at Ada > Look at Holy water > Take Holy water > Use Holy water on Arthur.  

#Achievement 11: The exorcist > Look at Safe > Use Safe > Look at Radiator > Use Radiator > Use Tea on Plate.

Cemetery: Go to plot 8,1 > Use Flowers on Philip Boesecke’s grave.  

#Achievement 12: A nice gesture > In inventory right-click the onion to look at it and cry.  

Common Grave: Look at Tobias > Talk to Tobias (say you found a crystal) Arthur now has the power to possess.

Lia’s produce store: Switch to Arthur > Possess Farmer > Click near him 4 times, and he will get up.

Shed: Take Funnel > Take Pot > Take Shovel > Take Pitchfork > Take Sickle > Take Magnifying glass > Take Brush > Take Paint cans > Take Pump > Take Clubs > Use Wardrobe > Look at Hat > Take Hat > Look at Dress > Take Dress > Look at Dress > Take Dress > Look at Suit > Take Suit > Use Veil with Hat > Use Scythe with Box > Look at Christmas tree > Use Scythe with Christmas tree > Look at Blueprints > Use Can on Canister > Use Bike pump on Bellows > Use Wedding dress on Cotton > Use Funnel on Spout > Use Twig with Pine Needles.

Lia’s produce store: Use Pot with Hive > Look at Smoker > Use Magnifying glass with Smoker > Use Smoker > Switch to Jack > Talk to Grocer and buy some honey > Take Pineapple (she will ask her husband) > Switch to Arthur quickly and possess the farmer, and say yes > Switch to Jack.

Bistro: Use Honey with Waitress.  

Barbershop: Switch to Arthur > Possess Barber > Use Scissors on Customer > Switch to Jack > Look at Hair > Take Hair > Take Towel.  

Park, west: Switch to Arthur > Possess Young Man.  

#Achievement 13: Break up > Switch to Jack.  

Park, south: Possess Athlete. Lakefront: Look Lanyard > Take Lanyard.

Park, south: Use PizzaCard on Jack > Leave body > Switch to Jack.  

Square: Switch to Arthur > Possess Gaming Kid> Use Videogame and reach 30 points.   

#Achievement 14: Master farter  

Bistro Kitchen: Use all Vegetables and pineapple with Chopmaster 3000 > Use Towel with screen > Use PizzaCard with Card reader > Select Manage and select Drawer 4,5.  

#Achievement 15: Prosciutto e funghi > Use Chili pepper with Drawer 3 > Use PizzaCard with Card reader > Select Manage and select Drawer 1,3,6.  

#Achievement 16: Diavola > Use Eggplant with Drawer 3 > Select Manage and select Drawer 2,3,5.  

#Achievement 17: Parmigiana > Use Pepper with Drawer 3 > Select Manage and select Drawer 1,2,3,4,5,6.  

#Achievement 18: Pizza bomba > Use Pineapple with Drawer 3.

Bistro: Talk to Waitress (exhaust all topics) > Look at Old Man> Talk to John (exhaust all topics).  

Ada’s house inside: Talk to Ada and ask about butter.  

Bistro Kitchen: Use Butter with Kitchen Robot > Look at Mug > Take Mug > Open the second Fridge > Look at Milk > Take Almond milk.  

Ada’s house inside: Take Tea > Use Tea in a Mug > Talk to Ada and ask for another cup of tea > Use Hair with Yarn > Talk to Ada and ask to knit a Long-haired wig > Use Tea on a Plate.  

Park, north: Look at Relaxed man > Talk to Relaxed man (exhaust all topics) > Look at Lunchbox > When the woman walks by, he looks at her, use Almond milk with Lunchbox > Use Milk with Tea mug.

Bistro Kitchen: Use a Tea mug in the oven, and walk to the Bistro (do not use the map).  

Bistro: Use Tea mug with John > Talk to John (Tell him to take a Brownie) > Switch to Arthur > Possess John > Use Key on Jack > Leave body > Switch to Arthur > Possess Waitress > Use Hairnet on Jack > Leave body.  

Lakefront: Walk past the green car on the right > Look at Door > Use Door > Talk to Plumber (exhaust all topics, learn about the red beast) > Switch to Arthur > Possess Pizza Lover.  

Bistro: Take Donut (take as many until you reach your 10th). 

#Achievement 19: Glutton > Leave body > Switch to Jack.  

Barbershop: Take Blonde dye > Use Blonde dye with Holy water.  

Square: Use Glowin’ Mary with Plumber > Switch to Arthur > Use Wrench on Jack > Leave body > Switch to Jack.

Ada’s house inside: Use Wrench with Radiator > Use Window.  

Ada’s house front: Use Hairy wig > Talk to Rebel kid > “Can I request a song?” > Choose all first 4. 

#Achievement 20: Metalhead > Choose Leonard and Linda > Switch to Arthur.

Ada’s house inside: Notice Ada opening the safe.  

Ada’s house front: Switch to Jack.  

Ada’s house inside: Talk to Ada and ask for another cup of Tea > Use Safe and open it with code: 771928 > Take all the junk until you can take the key > Use Tea with a Plate.  

Flabbington’s crypt: Use Keys on both Small holes > Look at Tomb.  

Inside Tomb: Look at Wall > Use Toilet brush with Slot > Look at Lever > Use Lever > Go through Wall. 

Act 3: The Treasure

#Achievement 21: Act 3  

Living room: Talk to Uncle Arthur (exhaust all topics) > Look at Uncle Arthur > Talk to Uncle Arthur (exhaust all topics) > Look at Portrait (exhaust all topics) but notice the vegetable in it > Look at Racket > Take Racket.  

Kitchen: Look at Firebox > Use Firebox > Look at Wood > Look at Rag > Take Rag > Look at Cupboard > Use Cupboard > Look at Beans > Take Beans.

Archway: Look at Shoehorn > Take Shoehorn.  

Cellar: Take your pick > Look at Plank > Take Plank > Look at Label > Look at Spade > Take Spade > Use Cheese Spade with Grana > Use Yarn with Cat.  

Bathroom (upstairs): Look at Rat > Look at Paper > Look at Toilet lid > Look at Toilet > Look at Drawer under Sink > Use Drawer (get Toiletries) > Use Rag with Razor blade > Use Hairnet with Racket > Use Beans with Repaired racket > Use Shoehorn with Toilet > Use Grana with Toilet > Use Toilet lid > Take Paper.  

Upstairs: Use the Key with the Bedroom door.

Bedroom: Use Brush head with Lava lamp > Use Razor with Bed > In inventory, click on Cigarettes pack to take one out > Look at Pot > Take Pot > Look at the prizes to correspond with the year of the vegetable from the portrait > Look at Drawers (left side) > Use Drawers (get Diary) > In inventory, click Diary to look at it.

Greenhouse: Use an Umbrella with a Leak > Use Gooey beans in a strainer with a Stream > Use a Chamber pot with Vegetables > Take Eggplant soil.  

Cellar: Use the Wine list with to find the right barrel > This differs for each gameplay, deduct the right wine from the diary and the year from the prize > Use the Chamber pot with the correct Barrel.
Living Room: Use Plank with Burn on table > Take Treasure > Take Plank.  

Kitchen: Use Plank with Wood > Use Rinsed beans in a strainer with Pot > Use Towel with Pot > Use Salt with Pot > Take Pot > Use Mouthwash with Cigarette > Use Cigarette with Wood.  

Living room: Use Soil with Cauldron > Use Chamber pot with Cauldron > Use Bean soup with Cauldron > Use Cigarette with Cauldron > Talk to Madame Julia (exhaust all topics) > Look at Photo > Look at Scroll > Take Letter.

#Achievement 24: Treasure Hunter 

You have to take 21097 steps to get the next achievement, probably you got at least half by now. 

#Achievement 25: Half Marathon

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