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You Will Die Here Tonight Game Guide - (Solutions & Hints)

You Will Die Here Tonight Guide - Another popular game you might want to check out on Steam is You Will Die Here Tonight.
Join us on Telegram You Will Die Here Tonight Guide - Another popular game you might want to check out on Steam is You Will Die Here Tonight.

You Will Die Here Tonight is a game that was uploaded on Steam in 2022. All of a sudden, people just began to ask questions about this game and multiple requests for walkthroughs.
    You Will Die Here Tonight Game Guide - (Solutions & Hints)
    This game is a horror-related game similar to Resident Evil. Although I haven't had enough time to write something on Resident Evil, here is what I know about the You Will Die Here Tonight Game.

    Another good thing about this game is its storyline. You are among a team who has been sent to arrest and hunt down the owner of a deranged mansion, with little information about the place.

    During your manhunt, you are faced with entirely something different in the mansion. You have to use the clues and solve puzzles before you get to escape. Unfortunately, you won't be able to come out alive with the whole squad because some will die.

    You Will Die Here Tonight Game Guide - (Solutions & Hints)

    In this guide, multiple pictures give you access to locked chests location. I will also provide the solution to most of the in-game puzzles and mysteries.

    To avoid spoilers, I will advise that you stay away from this blog post. However, if you are having a hard time completing the puzzle then this is you will die tonight game guides.

    You Will Die Tonight Puzzle Solutions

    To not give you spoilers completely (haha!!!) I will share little hints and the solutions to the puzzles.

    >> Piano
    Hints: For the piano, you need to make use of the lock-pick that is found on the birdcage to get a crank. Proceed by using the crank on the gramophone to get the music sheet.

    Solution: Low A, E, High A, D Sharp, E, F

    >> Magnum Puzzle

    Hint: Divert your full focus on the Magnum and make sure you read the description available.

    Solution: Moose, Rhino, Goat, Lioness

    >> Iron Maiden

    Hint: In this one, you need to check the Alchemy room, check the notes, and do not forget to look at the objects around for you to figure out the code.

    Solution: 4596

    >> Wall Safe
    Hint: You need to feed Henry the rat some cupcake, then inspect him again. 

    Solution: 0798

    >> Shield Knight
    Hint: You need to be very smart here, make use of the pool table memory and the chessboard from the secret lab to find answers.

    Solution: King, Rook, Pawn, Queen

    >> Art Gallery

    Hint: You need that poem in order for you to provide answers to this puzzle. Anyways you can check the bottom right of the painting with large button

    Flower (Upper-right corner)
    Child (Upper-left corner)
    Bumblebee (Lower-left corner)
    Butterfly (Missing painting in the lower-right corner)
    Death (Lower-right corner)
    Heart (Missing painting in upper-left corner)
    River (Lower-left corner)
    Lake (Upper-right corner)

    >> Shotgun

    Hint: On the description while picking up the shotgun along with the dripping medicine on the drawer nearby.

    Solution: Wait 3 seconds then move off the platform

    >> Statues

    Hint: Focus on reading the description provided on the angel statue that was originally missing a mask.

    Solution: Cerberus: Right, Raven: Left, Demon: Down, Lucifer: Left

    Now those answers should help you proceed in the Journey. Moving next to the Locations for locked chests.

    You Will Die Here Tonight Location for Locked Chest

    Thanks for reading my blog post on You Will Die Here Tonight Guide. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.
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