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All Good Endings in Repurpose - (Guide)

All Good Endings in Repurpose - (Guide): For players looking for a good ending list for Repurpose, This guide has everything you need to know...
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All Good Endings in Repurpose - (Guide): For players looking for a good ending list for Repurpose, This guide has everything you need to know about this game's endings.

All Good Endings in Repurpose - (Guide)

Repurpose runs on a "love point" system to unlock its good, neutral, and bad endings. This guide pulls back the curtain a bit and offers the "easiest" ways to get each character's path and good endings.

Table of Contents

All Good Endings in Repurpose

If you don't see the answer to the question, choose anything, as it will not affect that character's affinity for the player character.

For more detailed instructions on how to get all the endings, see Poundcat's (fan) guide []

A quick run strategy if your save file doesn't work with 2.0 or you want to skip content (for some reason): the settings in the Skip section by selecting "not shown" You can easily speed up routes!

Kalei Route

It's alright

Stay and listen to Kalea

I want to go to Utopia

Stay in the cabin alone

Zoo keeper


The postwoman

What is home or Why did you become a transporter

Save him

You need a break

Stand your ground

Ramon's Route

This sucks

Follow Ramon

I want to go to hell

Wipe the blood off his face

Return to the hotel

I think I can hold my own

I like children!

I look forward to ~

The prosecution dealt with the therapist!

Because breasts are SOFT and WARM!

Small breasts are just as amazing as big ones!

Put my face in Ramón's chest/Put Ramón's face in my chest

Go after him!

Mitts' Route

Offer keys

I want to go to Utopia

Stay with Mitts

Go slow

Do not pull too hard

Intimacy, passion, and commitment

Steal gas from the Horde

Just take the gas

We'll take the food out

Rosita Route

Pretend to eat the food

I want to go to Utopia

Stay with Rosita

It was an accident

Delivery girl

(If male) Accept her friendship

Release frustrations with her

Listen to Rosita's plan

Follow Rosita's idea

Put some distance between the Hordes and me

Try to fool the Hordes with a distraction!

They attack at the same time!

DJ Roadkill

Ask for the name

Ask for a stage name

I want to stay in Limbo

Wait for [DJ] to finish

We should proceed with caution

No, I want to stay

Take the potatoes

Get off


To enjoy the best of every day with the people you love

Take out the Hordes

Noel's journey

Stay Quiet (During Mitt's Prologue)

Encourage the fight

Join the fight

I want to stay in Limbo

Meet Noel

Drive back

Take the exams

Ask for Noel

Take the potatoes

Get off

Ask about cards

Distract with food

Use the bottle on [DJ]

You radiate Anti-Hero energy

Irene's Route

I want to go to hell

I should probably go… (To the question "Should I stay or leave Ramón with his child?")

Stab them with your hand

Help Irene torture the scumbag

Public services

Physical punishment

Physical punishment

Punch him in the face

Continue punching until you find a weak spot

Cajole him to accept the truth about Irene

Important Spoiler Alert!!

Please only cross this if you have done at least 3 good endings of the above character, as these paths can only be unlocked after this prerequisite is met...

Fayebael's Route

Get a good ending for 3 or more characters

Encourage the fight

Limit him

Look for Faye



Couldn't you drag me to hell instead?

I will if you go on a date with me!

Bone-in Ribeye

For "I'm asking her about...", choose at least one (or all) that isn't "I'm ready to eat" and then "I'm ready to eat"

You did it so you wouldn't be alone

Someone to share my hobbies and interests with

I have to do it for Lucifer, for hell

I will protect Hell with my Nephilim power!

No bad choices after this one

Cherubim Route

Get 3 or more characters with a good ending and complete Faye's journey (see above)

Go through the prologue

It's alright


Hug Cherry!

Flirty Dress or Suave Blazer

Dance badly with Cherry

Take Cheri outside for some fresh air

Thanks, but no thanks

Help search inside

Turn and run past the Puppet

Solve the puppet!

Sure, I'll go.

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