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All Puzzle Solutions for Assignment Anya in Dead Estate

All Puzzle Solution for Assignment Anya in Dead Estate - For players looking for the puzzle guide for Assignment Anya. This guide will help you...
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All Puzzle Solution for Assignment Anya in Dead Estate - For players looking for the puzzle guide for Assignment Anya. This guide will help you with SPOILERS for all the puzzles in Dead Estate.

All Puzzle Solutions for Assignment Anya in Dead Estate
Table of Contents

All Puzzle Solution for Assignment Anya in Dead Estate

Puzzle Prince Key

LOCATION: In the courtyard next to the exit gate is a small puzzle with a key.

To unlock this key, you must rearrange the symbols that represent the seasons in the correct order.

The correct order is spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

This will unlock the Prince Key.

BookShelf Puzzle + 8Ball/Clock Puzzle


There are two shelf puzzles. One in the pool hall and the other in the guest room.

Most of the books can be found on the tables in the library (all books required in the Billiard Bookshelf can be found here.) and the last book can be found in the bedroom unlocked by the Clock puzzle.

The clock puzzle can be created by getting the non-magic 8ball in the same room as the Billiard Bookshelf Puzzle (The Magic 8ball can be found in the same room after the cut scene where Anya looks at the word trusting written on the ceiling.) and putting it in the clock.

The book puzzles are both the same and require you to put the correct books into the correct slots in ascending order. (1-2-3-4-5)

Both shelf puzzles unlock the room.

Sticker/Paint Puzzle (King's Bottom Key)

There are three rooms in the art gallery, each with its own intractable painting. Anya notices that they each look either out of place or missing something.

If he says it looks like that, then there's a label on that painting that he shouldn't have. Interact with it and remove it. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ROOM IN YOUR INVENTORY!!!

If she says it looks like something is missing, then there are no incorrect stickers in the image, but one or more stickers are missing. Communicate and add the right sticker. If you are missing the correct sticker, then it is in your box or in another image.

If the painting is done correctly, meaning no incorrect decals or missing decals, he says it looks good.

Once all the paintings are correct, go to the room with the Grim Reaper(?) painting and you should receive the bottom part of the King's Key.

Drawer/Food Chain Puzzle (Top King Key)


This puzzle is located inside the master bedroom in a drawer. The solution is basically the food chain.

The grass is eaten by a bug, which is eaten by a frog, which is then eaten by a snake, which is finally eaten by a bird. Put this in the puzzle to get the top King Key

The key will only be repaired when both parts are in your inventory.

Graveyard/Toilet Puzzle (Get the Queen's Key)

The puzzle on the pool room shelf must be completed before entering the graveyard!

This puzzle is located in a graveyard located in an excavated (?) / uncovered grave. Inside is a coffin that makes a noise.

The puzzle basically works by moving your cursor around the list of coffins and trying to get to the loudest point and click on it.

Anya will tell how close you are through dialogue.

You have to do this three times, with the third one being the hardest because it will change where it is after a certain amount of time. (If you're fighting a third one, just click randomly and hope.)

You will then receive a piston. Take it to the bathroom to get the Queen Key.

Ice cube puzzle (get summer sign, ability to jump and move faster)

The ice cube itself is located inside the meat locker at the very end.

Take it to the study hall to dissolve it and give you boots that allow you to jump.

Jumping allows you to overcome various barriers around the mansion and avoid monsters.


Use the jump ability to get the Summer Emblem located in the chandelier in the center of the mansion.

Fall Emblem Puzzle

First, the puzzle on the guest shelf needs to be done!

It is located in a secret storage area unlocked with a puzzle on a shelf in the guest room.

Stop each part of the rotating emblem when it is in line with the previous part.

Flower Puzzle (Get Spring Emblem)

Royal key required!!!

To solve this puzzle, you'll need to go through the estate and note where each large flower is, then read the note in the greenhouse to match it with the letter. (A, B, C, D, and E) The note tells you where the big flowers are and what letter they go to.

The solution is: 

  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • White
  • Blue
  • Green.

The Three Sisters Puzzle (Getting the Winter Emblem)

Requires all other emblems, royal key, and candle

Located on the back patio, each requires a different emblem (Spring, Summer, and Fall).

Insert them into the holes to get the winter emblem.

Comments and placement of candles + gates

The candle is located in the laundry room in the washing machine. Turn it off and grab the candle.

Each gate requires the corresponding emblem to be opened (must be in your inventory) and all gates (except the exit) are optional.

I just wanted to say that this guide is not meant to be an in-depth guide for Assignment Anya and does not cover all the items that can be obtained in the game.

I plan to update it in the future with suggestions from feedback and screenshots.

Thanks for reading my blog post on All Puzzle Solutions for Assignment Anya in Dead Estate. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.

Written ByCodex_Regius

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