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Die in the Dungeon Origins Achievement Guide

Die in the Dungeon Origins Achievement Guide - This guide will provide answers to achievements including shut up, oath breaker, taste the rainbow...
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Die in the Dungeon Origins Achievement Guide - Have you been looking for the achievement guide for Die in the Dungeons. This guide will provide answers to achievements including shut up, oath breaker, taste the rainbow, and a lot more...

Die in the Dungeon Origins Achievement Guide
Table of Contents

Die in the Dungeon Origins Achievement Guide

Shut up!

  • This is the easiest achievement
  • On floor 1, select "Tutorial" and then skip right away.

Oath Breaker

  • This next one is also very simple to get and will probably happen naturally as you play.
  • When you are defeated and die, you will unlock this achievement.

Shiny Artifact

  • You can find your first relic as an event reward anywhere from the 2nd to the 4th floor.
  • Three possible events.
  • They require a dice roll to defeat - if you have silver dice use them to increase the chance, otherwise base buffs and heals have a higher face than attack and block.
  • There is also a guaranteed relic reward on floor 6.

Taste the Rainbow

  • This achievement was originally buggy but was fixed a few days after the release.
  • Find and kill four variants of caterpillars
  1. Orange
  2. Red
  3. Blue
  4. Green
  • You can learn more about them, but they spawn randomly and fairly often with only 3 HP.

Flashy Display

  • As the name suggests, flash dice are an easy way to defeat two enemies in one turn: kill one enemy with lightning and then target the other.
  • There is also a very rare relic called the Star Yo-Yo that allows damage to spill over to the next enemy.
  • Finally, there are a handful of passive damage relics like Toxic Cloud or Poisonous skin that can also help with multikill, though it's more difficult.

Now you are thinking with mirrors

  • Mirror dice are back and almost always roll a 6, so the only reasonable placement is the end
  • Prism is a new type of dice that projects a boost from the tile it's on onto its own targets.
  • Place the Prism cube at one end of the board and the mirror at the opposite end.

Scorpion Rider!

  • Getting to floor 20 deserves a walkthrough on its own, but basically
  • Keep your deck manageable (only 5-7 dice max)
  • Choose relics that help each other (synergy) and either keep you alive or increase your damage
  • Be smart when you block incoming damage and when you kill the enemy.
  • Aim for the Rider with 3 E's first. There is a place marked "opening" on the board. Flash dice are very powerful and have a lot of synergies
  • Mark of the Chosen is a crazy relic for this fight as it multiplies your base damage by 3 dice
  • Gold boost dice can roll 5s and 6s, which have a lot of blind spots on the board, making it harder to target gold-boosted riders than silver ones.
  • Bullseye is a very strong relic, but it has a similar problem where the knight position is more likely to be on the edge than the center two fields.
  • Once the rider is stunned, vulnerabilities will open up, tripling the damage dealt by the scorpion. Use these places to get a chunk of health.
  • This boss is much easier to kill quickly than trying to wear it down. You should have a strong enough deck that you can only survive 1-2 cycles of attack from the scorpion before it gets stunned.

That's a lotta Damage!

  • There are opportunities to deal 100+ damage in a boss fight and endless possibilities
  • Use terrain to upgrade one location - boost dice upgrade terrain and unpolished shards relic is very strong for glass terrain
  • The Mark of the Chosen One and Bullseye relics have multipliers that affect terrain dice and attack dice you play afterward.

Fancy Collector

  • The Collector is an event that usually appears in later tiers like 16-19 and can appear in infinite mode.
  • Show him a terrain die, a prism die, and a mirror die. Each one gets a x3 multiplier, so you should be able to hit the required 18.
  • You may have to specifically look for it because so many "special" dice will pile up in your hand and it will likely be a weak build.

Tales will be written 

  • Once you beat the Scorpion Boss, proceed to Endless Mode. 
  • Every 5 floors raise a stage that increases enemy base health and attack values 
  • Your deck should be fairly small by now - keep it to 5-7 dice and ignore the temptation 
  • Flash and hollow are the most valuable modifiers and you can easily sweep the floors on turn 1 with a strong deck 
  • You will be able to pick up most relics but avoid relics with obvious disadvantages. I'll point to Blindfold of Rage, Liquid Karma, and Crimson Blade.

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