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Hole House Codes and Walkthrough (Updated)

Hole House Codes and Walkthrough - HoleHouse is another popular 2D game in the Adult category, It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android...
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Hole House Codes and Walkthrough - HoleHouse is another popular 2D game in the Adult category, It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android users. This guide provides the hole house codes for coins, experience and diamonds.

Hole House Codes and Walkthrough (Updated)

Mind you, I wouldn't like to discuss much about this game because it contains some explicit content kids are not to view. So take this as a disclaimer that this blog does not promote any adult games or sexual content.

The Last Version was v0.1.55

Table of Contents

Hole House Codes and Walkthrough (Updated)

Launch this game on your mobile device and you will see the Potions app on the second screen. There you can enter all the codes. Do not forget that you only get to use a code once in a save game, unless you have the modded assembly.

Hole House Codes

  • fuzzy doubloons = 999999 Coins 
  • shiny stones = 999999 Diamonds 
  • level 1 crook = 999 Levels
  • i had s*x yes = Get 999999 (XP) 
  • gotta buy milk = all characters pregnant
  • fill me up daddy paw_beans uwu = Unlocks over 999999 Potions, Coins, Diamonds, Level, XP

HoleHouse All Scenes List

  1. Velma Hole 1 
  2. Samus Hole 1 
  3. Marge Hole 1 
  4. Zelda Hole 1 
  5. Kim Possible Hole 1 
  6. Raven Hole 1 
  7. Samsung Sam Hole 1 
  8. Gwen Stacy Hole 1 
  9. Harley Quinn Hole 1 
  10. Peach Hole 1 
  11. Jinx Hole 1 
  12. Velma On Desk 
  13. Zelda On Desk 
  14. Samus On Desk 
  15. Samsung Sam On Desk 
  16. Raven On Desk 
  17. Receptionist On Desk 
  18. Marge On Desk 
  19. Gwen Stacy On Desk 
  20. Harley Quinn On Desk 
  21. Peach On Desk 
  22. Zelda Reverse Cowgirl (In Office) 
  23. Velma Reverse Cowgirl (In Office) 
  24. Marge Reverse Cowgirl (In Office) 
  25. Samsung Sam Reverse Cowgirl (In Office) 
  26. Kim Possible Doggy From Below (In Office) 
  27. Raven Reverse Cowgirl (In Office) 
  28. Gwen Stacy Reverse Cowgirl (Office) 
  29. Velma Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office) 
  30. Jinx Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office) 
  31. Zelda Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office) 
  32. Samus Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office) 
  33. Raven Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office) 
  34. Kim Possible Doggy (Office) 
  35. Gwen Stacy Doggy (Office) 
  36. Harley Quinn Doggy (Office) 
  37. Raven Doggy (Office) 
  38. Peach Doggy (Office) 
  39. Velma Doggy (Office) 
  40. Peach Reverse Cowgirl (Office) 
  41. Raven Hand Job (Office)

HoleHouse Walkthrough for Beginners

Hole House Codes and Walkthrough (Updated)
Step One: Look around for the key and Door Knob because you will need it to open the house (Hint: It should be somewhere after fliping the sign.

Step Two: To accss the first four girls, you will need to take the sheet of paper available on the table.

Step Three: Enjoying your moment with one of those girls, fill up the cum bar. (Hint: This can be done when you switch between An*l and Vag)

Step Four: You will now have received your phone. Each app has a different purpose. On the main apps are the Quests (shows you how to unlock girls and scene) and the Call/Locality app (shows you their loyalty level and allow you call babes)

Step Five: The Quest Tab can be scrolled making it easier for you to access more scenes. If you have problem accessing scenes, it is probably because you are yet to complete one.

Step Six: To f*ck any girl, use the LOY button which is on the middle right, it also has an option that allows you call any girl of your choice.

Step Seven: Reception is free during Daytime, SO if you want to f*ck a girl, do that when Gloria goes home.

Step Eight: Use the bell on the desk whenever you want to call Gloria.

Step Nine: You can upgrade you desk to gain access to scene folders and access girls.

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