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How to Gain Resources in Infection Free Zone

How to Gain Resources in Infection Free Zone - For players of this game, Infection Free Zone. This guide provides you with details that will help...
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How to Gain Resources in Infection Free Zone - For players of this game, Infection Free Zone. This guide provides you with details that will help you survive and at the same time, gain more resources.

How to Gain Resources in Infection Free Zone
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How to Gain Resources in Infection Free Zone

Hey everyone, I've been playing Alpha and I've made a very quick guide to help everyone survive. I'm only 10+ hours into the game and loving it! 

Because of that, I plan to update this post as soon as new updates are released. 

FRIENDS: At the start aim for 3 platoons, 2 platoons will be full of pistols and 1 will have 2 pistols and 2 machetes. He can loot faster. 

SCAVENGING: When scavenging, don't loot metal or bricks, only scavenge wood, as in the first few buildings you'll need to adapt to only wood. Until you get some form of crafting, you'll need metal or tools. 

PRIORITY ROBBERY: Use 1 squad to rob closed gun shops and another 2 to search for food and nearby buildings. Use a team that only has 2 pistols to loot gun shops. Once all weapon shops NEAR HQ have been looted, loot farm buildings and training facilities. 

- NOTE: In this version, as it stands, garages offer NOTHING usable. First aid kits are not usable but are done manually rather than ammo, weapons, and fuel which are all automatic. Garages are always empty. Find fuel if your fuel amount is 4.0 or less. This should give you enough surplus. 

USE YOUR TIME WISELY: Watch the time, try to have all your units back at HQ and surrounding buildings an hour before sunset. If you have a vehicle, you can use it at night for more looting as it can move much faster than zombies. 

NOTE: Every location is different and the season affects sunset times. By hovering over time, you can see when sunset and sunrise this should help you minimize your looting and scavenging time. 

TOWERS: When towers are built, they will automatically pick a gun. If you don't have 2 pistols or 2 automatic weapons, you MUST choose a bow and arrow. If you don't, the tower will not attack incoming zombies. 

AUTO: Cars are a NEED for survival. The best car is a pickup truck, it has 4 fuel and 20 storage slots. 2nd best car is a station wagon, which has 15 storage slots, 3500 damage, and holds 3 fuel. The worst car is the Sedan, it has 10 storage slots, 3000 damage, and holds 3 fuel. 

- NOTE: The sedan is faster than all other cars and can be used to move quickly in an emergency. It pays to have at least 1. 

FUEL: Fuel is also needed to run cars. You can use fuel from cars that you don't need in the wild. If you have a pickup truck and see a car you don't control or want as a sedan, you can take the fuel out of it and put it in the pickup truck. An easy way to get fuel. 

GUARDS: Guards are useless during the day except to defend against human enemies. Use them to work on other things like cleaning, building, farming, or cooking. 

- NOTE: They cannot repair the tower during the day if there is no one in the tower. Try to have the guards in position 30 minutes to an hour before sunset to ensure they return. 

INDIVIDUALS IN SQUAD: Give your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th men in squads assault rifles. When driving, #1 is ALWAYS the driver and does NOT use his weapon. Placing automatic weapons on the next 3 will mean maximum damage. 

FOOD: 1 can of food or 1 cooked meal supports 4 people per day. This includes your guys. If you start the game normally with 40 people, you will need to find or create 10 food items to survive. 

- NOTE: Farms provide 3 food but in this version, they can have food yield increased to 4. 

AUTO-SAVINGS: The game automatically saves every 12 hours of play. At 6:00. and 18:00 Because of this, there is an option to reset the night if it is too disastrous. Simply reload the autosave at 18:00. 

Thanks for reading my blog post on How to Gain Resources in Infection Free Zone. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.

Written ByMatZuvO

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