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How to Kill Chapter 1 Boss in Blood West - (Basic Strategy)

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How to Kill Chapter 1 Boss in Blood West - Most players of this game find it very hard to beat the Chapter 1 boss and guess what? If you go online to other game forums, you will find out that you are not alone.

How to Kill Chapter 1 Boss in Blood West - (Basic Strategy)

The purpose of this guide is to help you kill the chapter one boss in Blood West. There are several items you need to get ready before you can complete chapter one. 

Table of Contents

Recommended Items 

I will only provide a list of the items I think are most necessary to defeat this boss. You can bring other things, but you should have at least most of the items listed.

For weapons:

  • Hermit Club 
  • Decapitator 
  • Living Vine 
  • Orb of Night
The first three on this list can be found in the wild. 

Look for another guide on where to find it. It won't take long. 

The Orb of Night was purchased from Jim. 

A normal revolver weapon will work too, but the Orb of Night is a great weapon that will come in handy in Chapter 2 as well, so you might as well grab it.

For Accessories:
  • Bandages 
  • Health Potions 
Come with as much as you will need...

For Artifacts
  • Eyeballs
  • Necklace with Fangs
These two also can be found in the wild. Read: Where to find Artifacts in Blood West.

For Ammos:
  • Regular Revolver Ammo 
  • Gold Shotgun Ammo 
You'll need about 5 gold shotgun ammo, but you can bring more.

Going to Find the Boss in Chapter One Blood West

The easiest way to reach the canyon is to use the chicken head and teleport to the canyon bed. Other than that, the quickest and easiest way is to go through the fort normally and go down to the trap door and the bed. 

When you enter the canyon you will encounter some pesky mob, but if you have the Hermit Stick then you will deal with these mob easily. If not, deal with them as usual. Of course, you've done this before. 

Once you enter the door, there will no longer be any enemies before entering further, so you can collect loot if you wish. There are tons of health potions and other items. 

When you reach the middle area, your screen will darken and blur as if you are next to a cursed artifact. Go left and jump into the small hole. You are now on the stealthy path. 

You need to be very careful in this section because there are a lot of monsters and they can hurt you if you are not careful. I hope you have more than enough health potion.

Don't forget to destroy the red cyst when you proceed on the stealth path. I don't remember the exact numbers but if you take them all, the boss will end up with less than half health. 

FYI, there are 2 cysts in the last room with the Wendigo skull and Raven skulls. One of these is on the ceiling, so make sure you get two.

How to Kill Chapter 1 Boss in Blood West

After dealing with the Wendigo and destroying all the cysts, the teleporter will take you to the boss's room. Use this quiet time to adjust and repair your two weapons. Don't forget to load up the gold ammo. 

Use the teleporter. As soon as you appear in the boss's room, run directly towards the boss. Don't worry about spikes. They only deal 15 points of damage

When you are in the area, wait for the boss to open his shell and reveal his red flesh. Use your gold ammo to blow it up. 

With all the cysts you have and your unique shotguns with gold ammo, you should kill the boss in 4 to 5 hits

You manage to defeat the boss before he can summon an endless army of Wendigos and Skulls. 

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Written ByKingofMemes69

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