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How To Obtain All Collectible Items in Peaks of Yore

How To Obtain All Collectible Items in Peaks of Yore - For players who need a guide that helps you obtain almost all the collectible items...
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How To Obtain All Collectible Items in Peaks of Yore - For players who need a guide that helps you obtain almost all the collectible items, their functions and even how you can reach them. You do not have to worry much because you are in the right place.

How To Obtain All Collectible Items in Peaks of Yore

Talking and listеning arе kеy, just likе whеn you'rе playing with friеnds. If you havе a climbing buddy, Thеy might еvеn sharе goodiеs likе coffее or ropеs with you. 

And oh, hеrе's a pro tip: collеcting thosе four photo piеcеs and framing thеm givеs you an amazing upgradе - doublе thе ropе lеngth.

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Table of Contents

All Collectible Items in Peaks of Yore


Old Langr

+2 Coffee: Walk pass the coffee bros, then you will see an Overhang after. Now the path gets more confusing splittting into two paths. Take the upper path, and find it near the absolute top of the mountain.

Land’s End 

Family Photo Piece #2: Around the 1st ridge, look near the bottom between this ridge and the next. 

+2 Ropes: After the 1st ridge, near the top, find ropes hanging. Use ropes and leaps to go up, then follow the path to drop down to them.

How To Obtain All Collectible Items in Peaks of Yore

Old Grove’s Skelf

Helmet: About halfway up, find an overhang. Once past it, go straight and to the right to locate the item.

Hangman’s Leap

+2 Ropes: After the 2nd anchor point, look straight ahead to see ropes hanging on a rock. Drop below the 3rd anchor, and grab them.

Giant’s Shelf

Sleeping Bag: As soon as you enter the level, turn around, and climb up to it.

Evergreen’s End

+2 Ropes: While looking at the mountain, find ropes hanging on a rock all the way to the left halfway up. While climbing up the default path, grab the ropes.

Hat: About 90% up the middle, grab it near the base of the long middle branch.

Old Mill 

Hat: Cross the bridge from the starting point and find it hanging in a tree to the left. 

Gray Gully 

Family Photo Piece #1: Check the top left on the mountain top and you will see them. Keep going in the left path at the fork.

Old Man of Sjor 

Shoe: Start up the mountain, take the left path at the fork along the default path, and keep going left and up where possible.

Three Brothers

Shovel: At the top of the very 1st mountain on your right, start heading up the smooth rock to the right. Follow the path to the fork; both lead to the item.

Walter’s Crag

+2 Ropes: As soon as you enter, they're hanging in front. Follow the left path till you are sure you are above the ropes, then drop down another rope to grab the ropes.

Golden Peaks Trophy: This simple, stay a little far away from the mountain and use your monocle to look closer at the top of mountain, right from where you are, you will see the item peeking out. Following the left path, keep going till you find a good a way to grab it.

Great Crevice

+2 Ropes: Keep going in the default path, you will see instantly see some ropes, toward the left area of the cervice after you cross over to the right.

Family Photo Piece #3: To the right of where the ropes were, jump to the left side of the crevice, then take the left path at the fork.

Aldr Grotto

Backpack: Closer to the beginning, after an overhang, you will find a small fork while you move in the path. Move unto the left path, use the forks to scare away some bats you will see on the road.

Wuthering Crest

+2 Coffee: Just use your monocle, because if you look up straight you will see it, looking slightly to the right. Follow the default path, take the upper path, and leap across to the left side, then go up and around to reach the item.

+2 Ropes: Use the monocle to look towards the top right side of the mountain to see ropes hanging. 

Follow the path > Get the Coffee > Keep going > Use ropes to Grab.

Old Hagger

+2 Ropes: Look up at the mountain towards the left side to see ropes hanging. Keep going in the default path and you will see a fork, then take the right path at the fork to leap up to them.

Ugsome Storr

+2 Ropes: Once you enter, use the monocle and look to the top right side of the mountain to see them hanging.

Follow the defualt path > up the right path > down the rope > leap across.


How To Obtain All Collectible Items in Peaks of Yore

>> Leaning Spire 

Golden Bouldering Trophy: Keep moving in the default path till you almost approach the end. Do not jump unto the sliding rocks, just continue moving in the path.


Walker’s Pillar

+2 Chalk: Upon getting to th first crux, you will see 2 branches in front of you. At the 2nd branch, look down, and there’s a rock leading to the item. Drop down a rope to grab this item.

Great Gaol

Photo Frame: Complete the first crux and as you proceed, there is a fork. Keep going on the right path and you will find the item at the end of it.

+2 Ropes: Jump to the second mountain, this way you should see the rope below you. Use a rope to drop and grab them.

Items (2/2)


+2 Chalk - This is an item that you is present at the beginning of the map. Look up and unto your right, you will see a dark patch on the mountain. Above this patch, you should see this item.

Continue in the same path, at your right past where a guy can be seen sitting on the rock. Keep going forward till you reach the rock that has anchor points and you will see it below you.

+2 Ropes: Keep going in the same direction until you get to see the crux "Passage of Furled Fingers. Towards your right, you should see ropes hanging there with a path hanging with a path from the left.

Ymir's Shadow

+2 ropes: Along the path in the middle of the THIRD crux. Scale around the underside of the underhang. Do not try dropping to the sliding rock, just leap to grab them.

Golden Tines Trophy: 1st Crux > Right path > Complete the Crux > Look towards the right > Keep going till path end.

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