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How to Steal a Cannon and Mortar in Last Train Home

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How to Steal a Cannon and Mortar in Last Train Home - For players who are interested in knowing how to steal cannon and mortar. This guide will help you secure the weapons which you can later use to destroy your enemies.

How to Steal a Cannon and Mortar in Last Train Home
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How to Steal a Cannon and Mortar in Last Train Home

Yes it is possible, Although you can see that it was not the developer intentions to destroy the cannon crew. But you know that you can kill the crew and loot away their cannon and mortar.

1. Destroy every enemy you find close to the cannon.

2. With defense strategy, position your men in stealth mode to surround the cannon.

3. Make sure you disable stealth mode for one of your soldiers, so that he can immediately shoot at the cannon and their crew.

- This strategy helps you drive away the cannon crew from around the gun.

4. Pause your game, put out an order that immediately allows your guys cease hiding and attack.

5. Once you defeat the crew, pause the game and order them to hide again because most empty cannon can still be dangerous until you have taken control totally.

6. From your crew, pick two soldiers that will take over the cannon and enjoy total power.

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