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How to Unlock New Maps and Add Difficulties in Stationeers

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How to Unlock New Maps and Add Difficulties in Stationeers - There is a hidden planet in this game and this guide will help you unlock new maps and add new difficulties to the base game. Follow the process given in this post and you will not regret it.

How to Unlock New Maps and Add Difficulties in Stationeers
Table of Contents

How to Unlock the Hidden Planet in Stationeers

*** Remember to edit the base game profile. Don't make mistakes because it can lead to error** 

Stationeers have a map called "Low Earth Orbit". This map, as the name suggests, is a map with the world rotating underneath it. 

We need to edit the text file to gain access to the map.

- You can make use of Windows Explorer or any similar apps, navigate to:
C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stationeers\rocketstation_Data\StreamingAssets\ Data\worldsettings. xml
– When present and the file is open, see line 4 above. 

– Should read "World Id='LowEarthOrbit' Hidden='true ">" 

- Please change only true to false, no capital letters, so it should now read like this:

 "World Id="LowEarthOrbit" Hidden= "false">"

Restart or Load the game and you will see the map on the new in-game screen. Enjoy and note that the map has been hidden for developer reasons. 

This map may be incomplete and contain errors. I tried this and normally you spawn in orbit with a lander behind you. I see asteroids appearing, so the resources are there now.

How to Add New Difficulties in Stationeers

*** Don't forget that you are editing the base game profile. Mistakes can be interpreted as errors** 

We will use this complicated approach. I recommend looking at loading changes in the mod folder instead of the base game profile. 

I'll show you the steps but don't forget to back up your old files. Crashes that cause errors can be fixed with this backup or restore.

- First, we need to go to the real Txt file
"C:\Program Files (x86) ) \Steam\steamapps\common\Stationeers\rocketstation_Data\StreamingAssets\Data\difficultySettings.xml
– Once we get there and open the file we will add the following code. It matters where we add it. So you should see a code like this at the top:
<?xml version=”1.0″encoding=”utf-8”?> xmlns:xsi= ”http:/ / www /2001/XMLSchema-instance”> ” 
– We come after clicking on the end of the third line (). Please press Enter. 

– We can provide the following codes at this address


<DifficultySetting Id=”Title Here”> 
<Description Value=”Difficulty discription here” /> 
<PreviewButton Path=”Interface/button_creative.png” /> 
<HungerRate Value=”0.5″/> <HydrationRate Value=”0.5″/> 
<BreathingRate Value=”1.0″/> 
<JetpackRate Value=”0″/> 
<LungDamageRate Value=”0.04″/> 
<FoodDecayRate Value=”0.5″/> 
<MiningYield Value=”10″/> 
<OfflineMetabolism Value=”0.1″/> 
<EatWhileHelmetClosed Value=”false”/> 
<DrinkWhileHelmetClosed Value=”false”/> 
<WeatherLanderDamageRate Value=”0.5″/> 
<RespawnCondition Id=”Easy” /> 
<Creative Value=”true”/> 
– Using these codes you are allowed to change any values. The jetpack entry is optional and you can safely remove this line if you want a simple jetpack setting. 

– After doing this, you can save the TXT file and restart or exit the game. You will now see your new custom settings in the difficulties menu. 

– You can add more than one by pressing Enter at the end of the new text and pasting again. 

Please do not copy and paste the quotation marks, Just copy the content!

Thanks for reading my blog post on How to Unlock New Maps and Add Difficulties in Stationeers. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.

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