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Lethal Company: How to Play With More Than Four People

Lethal Company: How to Play with More than Four People - 1.BepInEx Folder, 2. doorstop_config.ini, 3. winhttp.dll. Put THOSE files into your game...
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Lethal Company: How to Play with More than Four People - Again with our Lethal Company tips, I have prepared a simplified version that will guide you on how you can play with more than four people, see this as a Co-Op Guide.

Lethal Company: How to Play With More Than Four People
Table of Contents

Here’s what you need 



There are plenty of guides on how to install these but I find that they leave out some important details that honestly are so simple.

1. Download BepInEx and MC 

Just click on the link above to get this.

2. Install BepInEx 

The file you will download is in .rar format, there will be another folder with the name BepInExPack. Avoid putting that folder into your game install.

Open that folder. See the contents? They include: 

1. BepInEx Folder 

2. doorstop_config.ini 

3. winhttp.dll 

Put THOSE files directly into your game install folder 

If you are new here and hardly knows anything about the game, you can checkout All Monsters in Lethal Company List and  Lethal Company Moons - (Moon Average Values).

Install MC That rar file will have a BepInEx folder. Literally just drag that into the same area.

Thanks for reading my blog post on Lethal Company: How to Play with More than Four People. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.

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