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Lethal Company Scrap Spawning Guide

Lethal Company Scrap Spawning Guide - We call them primary spawners, other types of spawners will be described in the next examples...
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Lethal Company Scrap Spawning Guide - The last time, we provided a guide on All Monsters in Lethal Company List, this guide will give you basic knowledge about scrap spawning in Lethal Company.

Table of Contents

Lethal Company Scrap Spawning Guide

Welcome to my in-depth guide to Scrap Spawns in Lethal Company, this guide outlines the detailed specifics when it comes to how the game handles Scrap Generation. 

I hope I can be a great asset to your knowledge of Lethal Company and understanding of game mechanics.

Lethal Company Scrap Spawning Guide

The basic premise starts with generating maps. As soon as Random Seed: appears on your screen, the map layout itself is already generated without the presence of scrap. 

When Random Seed disappears from the screen, Scrap spawning will occur on the first frame. Spawning in the set waste amount is based on the Min/Max waste range defined in the SelectableLevel class file.

Every scrap spawner has a range to which they can spawn scrap and only some rooms in the map generation have scrap spawners. We call them primary spawners, other types of spawners will be described in the next examples.

The map tiles that are generated using garbage spawners are as follows:

  • LargeForkTileB (Giant Room) (actually has 2 primary spawners with ranges of 23 and 15 respectively)
  • CatwalkTile2x1 (Catwalk) (20)
  • CatwalkTile2x1Split (parkour Jump) (20)
  • 4x4ServerRoomTile (Server Room) (20)
  • 4x4BigStairTile (large square room with a hole in the middle) (20)
  • DoubleDoorRoom (Instrument rooms) (20)
  • MHallwayB (room with additional instruments) (20)
  • SmallStairTile (Stairs) (15)
  • Small LRoom (15)
  • Little Pillar (15)

Map tiles that are not generated using scrap include:
  • Hallways
  • Startroom (main entrance)
  • SmallRoom2 (room looking in back rooms)

The image below is a visualization showing the areas where the scrappers are located:

Notice the black outlines, they are meant to show you the individual rooms.

In this case, 12 primary spawners are placed on the map.
  • Areas highlighted in green contain primary spawners
  • Areas highlighted in red do not contain any spawners.
Lethal Company Scrap Spawning Guide

Primary Scrap Spawners

As mentioned on the first page of the guide, Primary Spawners are the main spawners that spawn next to certain room tiles used in map generation. These spawners also have a set radius where they can spawn scrap.

The primary spawner itself is internally referenced as GeneralScrapSpawn, which will only spawn items that are listed in the GeneralItemClass group. Every piece in the game falls into this category. 

The actual scrap that is created depends on the selected map, as each map has a set loot table with set rarities for each piece of scrap.

There are also secondary spawners, which are additional spawners that spawn in certain rooms. 

We call these rooms Loot Rooms because they have additional spawners, making it more likely that there may be scrap. 

Additionally, the radius of these spawners is very small, making it easier to find the trash that comes from the secondary spawner.

The radius of the primary spawners is marked with a blue circle

(Note #1: As described in the Basics, certain map generation tiles have different ranges for the primary spawners that spawn in them. For example, stairwells have a radius of 15, while other rooms such as catwalks, the instrument room, L-shaped room, server room, etc. Have a radius of 20)

(Note #2: The radius of the circle in this image is not an exact scale, the circles shown are roughly the radii for spawners that have a radius of 20. This image is to give you a rough idea of ​​the visualization)
Lethal Company Scrap Spawning Guide

Secondary Spawners

Some specific rooms have secondary spawners that spawn next to the primary spawner.

Secondary spawner types are as follows:
  • TablePropSpawn - only spawns TabletopItems (spawn radius: 4)
  • SmallItemsSpawn - spawns only SmallItems (spawn radius: 15)
  • GeneralScrapSpawn EPV - will spawn any scrap (based on "exact" spawner location)
  • FancyPropSpawn - spawns any scrap. Exclusive to Mansions (Spawn Radius: 15)

Secondary Spawner Description

TablePropSpawn are secondary spawns that are most commonly associated with wooden pallets in specific rooms, the device itself always has a TablePropSpawn as well (Note: TablePropSpawn only has some pallet configurations attached)

SmallItemsSpawn are secondary spawns that are associated with lockers in a large square room that has a hole in the middle. Each locker has 2 spawners inside. Some of the shelves in the L-shaped room and the large equipment room also use these spawners.

GeneralScrapSpawn Exact Position Variant are secondary spawners linked to shelves in specific rooms that will always spawn an item in their exact location.

(Note #1: Only some shelf configurations have the exact spawner attached)

(Note #2: The small pillar room has oversight of its exact spawner. Unlike all other spawners of this type that have the spawner attached to the shelf model itself, this one is not attached to the shelf model itself. So every time you get in small rooms with pillars will always have an active spawner. As a result, even if the shelf model does not choose to appear in the room itself, it is still possible for it to give you the exact scrap that is right in front of you. One of the entrances to the room)

The circles below show the secondary spawners
  • 4x TablePropSpawns (purple)
  • 2x SmallItems (Orange) (Note: Both are right on top of each other)
  • 1x exactly (Blue)
Lethal Company Scrap Spawning Guide

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Thanks for reading my blog post on Lethal Company Scrap Spawning Guide. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.

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