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Locke(d) Achievement and Requirement Guide

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Locke(d) Achievement and Requirement Guide - Are you a player of this game looking for the complete guide to every achievement and what is required from you to unlock them. You are in the right place.

Locke(d) Achievement and Requirement Guide
Table of Contents

Basic Information 

EST Completion Time (1 Playthrough): 20 minutes 

Achievements Available: 6 (5 unmissable; 1 missable) 

EST Completion Time (100% Achievements): 20 minutes

This was an inspiration from a passage in John Locke's "An Essay Concerning Human Understanding". 

Locke(d) Achievement Guide Unlocke(d)!

First you should know that there are 6 achievements in Locke(d), 5 of which are unmissable and 1 of which can be missed ("Now what?" achievement).

Locke(d) Achievement and Requirement Guide

Unmissable Achievements: 

🌑 Moon: Click on the moon. 

🖥️ Computer: Click on the computer. 

🚪 Door: Click on the door. 

👩‍🦰 Host: Click on the host.

Zeus: Complete the game (by clicking on and discussing the moon, computer, door, and host).

Missable Achievement: 

🔒 Now what?: You will see a lock on the host's hair, click on it.

**To avoid a second playthrough, this should be done before clicking on the 4th unmissable object.**

The image below contains some assistance that can help you locate most of the required objects.

Locke(d) Achievement and Requirement Guide

Moon — After the initial conversation with the girl, click on the window where the Moon can be seen.

Door — Click on the computer located on the left side of the screen.

Leader — Click on the pink hair.

Now What?  — We touch the lock-accessory on the heroine’s head.

Zeus — We receive it automatically when completing the game.

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