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Love & Sex Second Base Cheat Menu - (Console Commands)

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Love & Sex Second Base Cheat Menu - For players looking for the love and sex base cheat, This guide provides you with a list of commands and their functions. 

As the game is now transitioning out of Early Access, it is important to provide an updated version, considering that the previous thread contains inaccurate information.

Love & Sex Second Base Cheat Menu - (Console Commands)

The intention behind employing this particular cheat method is to allow players to earn achievements while avoiding the limitations of using the in-game cheat mode on their phones.

However, this method might be the best way to reduce issues or glitches within the game.

Table of Contents

Love & Sex Second Base Cheat Menu

To begin the process, you must first look for the installation directory of the game and a file with the name "00console.rpy". There is a difference between "00" and "OO", the same goes for "rpy" and "rpyc".

The file path is typically as follows: %gamepath/renpy/common/00console.rpy 

Open the “00console.rpy” file using a text editor such as Notepad, Notepad++, or Visual Studio (I personally recommend Notepad++).

In the same file, go straight to line 108 and you will see a line of code.

console.config = False 

Modify this line to the following: console.config = True

Save the file after making these modifications.

Now, you can launch the game and press Shift + O to access the console. 

It’s important to ensure that you are not in any submenus or sub-sections of the game when making changes through the console. 

Try your best to stay away from accessing the shop or Item menus during this process. Any changes made through the console while you are still in the submenu lead to an automatic reset.
Love & Sex Second Base Cheat Menu - (Console Commands)
For instance, if you have read the Shibari book up to 80% and then open the console to make modifications, your progress will reset to its previous state when you initially accessed the menu.

Console Commands 

  • game.hour=X (1-24) 
  • game.week_day=1 (Monday=1|Sunday=7) 
  • (1-30 Day of the Month) 
  • game.season=3 (0=spring|1=summer|2=Fall|3=Winter) 

MC Stats

Tweak the settings to satisfy your preference. Put in a minimum value to your desired level and remove mind off any concerns thereafter. 

As for the Knowledge, tweak it to 99 and once you study, you will be able to indulge in any conversation regardless of the topic.

For instance, use the command ‘hero.knowledge=99 > Study > Select new conversation topics.
  • hero.grooming.max=x 
  • hero.grooming.min=x 
  • hero.grooming=x 
  • hero.hunger.max=x 
  • hero.hunger.mix=x 
  • hero.hunger=x 
  • hero.charm.max=x 
  • hero.charm=x 
  • hero.knowledge.max=x 
  • hero.knowledge=x 
  • hero.luck=x 


Change to -100 to remove skill 
  • hero.skills.hung.__iadd__(100) 
  • hero.skills.low_libido.__iadd__(100) 
  • hero.skills.high_libido.__iadd__(100) 
  • hero.skills.no_sleep.__iadd__(100) 
  • hero.skills.iron_stomach.__iadd__(100) 
  • hero.skills.sneaky.__iadd__(100) 
  • hero.skills.workaholic.__iadd__(100) 
  • hero.skills.bookworm.__iadd__(100) 
  • hero.skills.video_games.__iadd__(100) 
  • hero.skills.martial_arts.__iadd__(100) 
  • hero.skills.shooting.__iadd__(100) 
  • hero.skills.foodie.__iadd__(100) 
  • hero.skills.shibari.__iadd__(100) 
  • hero.skills.guitar.__iadd__(100) 
  • hero.skills.massage.__iadd__(100) 
  • hero.skills.fertility_assessment.__iadd__(100)

Girl Stats

For this command to be personalized, you need to edit the placeholder 'name' with the name of your desired character. 

Keep in mind that certain values might behave unusually, so I have provided the corresponding ratios alongside each command (enclosed in parentheses and presented in italics). 

Please note that the ratios are for informational purposes and are not part of the actual command.
  • name.sub=x (1:1 Can be set to negative) 
  • name.sub.max=x (1:1 Can be set to negative) 
  • name.sub.min=x (1:1 Can be set to negative) 
  • (2:1) 
  • (2:1) 
  • (2:1) 
  • name.lesbian=x (1:5) 
  • name.lesbian.max=x (1:5) 
  • name.lesbian.min=x (1:5) 
  • kylie.yandere=x (1:1) 
  • kylie.yandere.max=x (1:1 Setting this value to 20 SHOULD effectively let you have Kylie in your game without her ever snapping) 
  • kylie.yandere.min=x (1:1) 
  • morgan.male=x (1:1) 
  • morgan.male.max=x (1:1) 
  • morgan.male.min=x (1:1)

Thanks for reading my blog post on Love & Sex Second Base Cheat Menu. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.

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