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Markus Ritter Ghosts Of The Past Walkthrough Guide

Markus Ritter Ghosts Of The Past Walkthrough - This guide will walk you through the whole week from Monday to Sunday. We also feature some stuffs...
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Markus Ritter Ghosts Of The Past Walkthrough - Another newly released game on Steam, For players of this game interested in the complete walkthrough guide. This walkthrough covers everything you need to do with your character from Monday to Sunday.

Markus Ritter Ghosts Of The Past Walkthrough Guide
Table of Contents

Markus Ritter Ghosts Of The Past Walkthrough

This guide will walk you through the whole week from Monday to Sunday. We also feature some stuffs like passwords and co. If there is something you think we are missing, notify use using the comment box.


Ludwig apartment: 
  1. Pick up cell phone on bedside table 
  2. Get dressed with clothes from the wardrobe 
  3. Make coffee (cup in the middle cupboard) 

Unlock 5 reminders:

  • Bathroom mirror 
  • Notepad table entrance area 
  • Sandbag and lighter in the living room 
  • Take three Polaroids 
  • Grab a newspaper (click once you are at the Exit > bottom of the entrance area)
Photo studio: 
  • Switch on the light 
  • Close the curtains 
  • Put in batteries (anteroom by the fireplace) into the radio 
  • Choose 2 outfits 
  • A text message from Mrs. Schmidt comes in the Kitchen, you can leave the house and visit Rue-Jarry-Gasse.
  • Pick up the suspender belt holder from the boxes on the left. 
  • Talk to the doorman 
  • Try out the suspender belt on the rightmost couple. 
  • Make sure you pick up the invitations to give to the bouncer. 
  • Talk to Mrs. Schmidt.
Apartment Claudia: 
  • Talk to Claudia 
  • Pick up blue folder
Apartment Ludwig/Neubadgasse: 
  • Right-click on the blue folder and solve the puzzle (drag & drop) 
  • Neubadgasse > click on the letterboxes 
  • Go back to Ludwig’s apartment > talk to Ludwig. 
  • Again to Neubadgasse.
  • Escape: Hide behind the pink bicycle.


Mountain hut: 
  • Read a Letter (front of mirror in the Study)
  • Pick the key from a bowl you see on th sideboard of the living room 
  • Unlock the cupboard 
  • Pick up family tree (roll of paper
  • Use cell phone on family tree 
  • Open the e-mail on the computer and click on the attachment 
  • Drag and drop the IMG file onto the blog on the desktop 
  • Solve the family tree puzzle (fill in the fields correctly
  • Enter Markus Ritter in the search engine. 
  • Call up the publisher’s contact page. Click on e-mail. 
  • Go to your e-mail program and click on New e-mail 
  • Enter [email protected] in the address field and send.
Apartment Ludwig: 
  • Get new clothes from the closet 
  • Go to the publisher 
Publisher Flimmer: 
  • Talk to Mrs. Schmidt 
  • Find out the password for Claudia’s PC: 
  • Turn over the rabbit picture 
  • Move the desk calendar down a littl to make the number visible. 
  • Enter password: 05034142 
  • Print out research 
  • Talk to Claudia and Schmidt in the meeting room. 
  • Talk to Ludwig 
(possibly use a Polaroid on him) 

Crime scene: 
  • Talk to Markus 
Mountain hut: 
  • Pick up gloves in the bathroom 
  • Pick up plastic bag from the kitchen (hanging shelf) 
Marie research: 
  • Click on the green book in the bookcase 
  • Rotate to the back 
  • Open the book 
  • Cut open the spine of the book with a pocket knife 
  • Remove the note 
  • Pick up the statue behind the dining table 
  • Take away the bowl of candles from the dining table. 
  • Move the statue you see on the square at the table 
  • Remove the book from the table drawer 
  • Read Marie’s diary 
Apartment Ludwig: 
  • Read Adam Ritter’s diary 
  • Solve the puzzle item from the publisher 
  • Döbriach am Millstättersee 
  • Afritz 
  • Bad Kleinkirchheim 
Crime scene 1st district: 
  • Connect gloves and bag 
  • Pick up black shard with gloves + bag 
  • Talk to Markus (again after picking up the shard
  • Attack the bloodstain 
  • Leave the crime scene 
Mountain hut: 
  • Talk to Clara on the laptop 
  • Use cell phone on shard
  • Switch TV to screen on the Stairs
  • The Bookcase has a dictionary, Open the dictionary - click on “Mirror/Mirror”   
  • Click on the image of the mirror in the dictionary


House by the lake: 
  • Talk to Pia in the kitchen 
  • Chat with 5 people (2 are in the living room, 1 on the jetty, 1 on the terrace, 1 in the cellar) Go back to the staircase 
  • Claudia’s bathroom > pick up a towel
Search through the bags (You will see two bags in each bedroom): 
  • Trigger Oliver in the bedroom (leaves after 2 minutes, then search both bags) 
  • Talk to Pia by the bookshelf 
  • Get Adrian out of the bedroom 
  • Search both bags + trash can 
  • Talk to Claudia 
  • Talk to everyone (including Markus) 
  • Dialogue option with Markus: Lure Adrian out 
  • Use the affair item on Pia 
  • Pick up the knife in the cellar 
  • Carry the tape you see in Tessa and Oliver’s bedroom 
  • Carry the powder and brushes and blue clothes you see in the bathroom 
  • Carry the 2 wine glasses on the terrace 
  • Carry the yellow coffee cup you see in Claudia’s bathroom 
  • Carry the coffee cup from kitchen and fill with water 
  • Give coffee cup with water to Oliver 
  • Use the powder and the adhesive tape on all glasses 
  • Pick up black paper from the cupboard in the living room 
  • Stick all fingerprints on the black paper 

Launch the Cluedo app on your phone: 
  • 12 o’clock 
  • Adrian 
  • Bathroom 
Mountain hut: 
  • Talk to Clara on the laptop 
  • Search for pathology in the phone book and click on it 
  • Carry the cable you see on the cabinet in the study 
  • Link the cable to your cell phone shadow and use it on the laptop 
  • Use the mouse on the magazine you see in front of the pathologist 
  • Talk to the pathologist 
  • Leave pathology 

The lock pick set from the bookcase in the mountain hut (use them on the door)

Solve lock picking puzzle: 
  • once anticlockwise 
  • three times clockwise 
  • 5 times anticlockwise 
  • 7 times clockwise 
  • 5 times anticlockwise 
  • 4 times clockwise 
  • 6 times anticlockwise 
  • Move the letters on Claudia’s desk to the right 
  • Pick up the mailing slip 

Postcard on the Post Office (Use them)

  • Go into the operating theater 
  • Apply book to pathologist 
  • Talk to pathologist 
  • Leave pathology 
Mountain hut 
  • Look for “Takotsubo” in the dictionary you see in the bookcase
  • Scratch out the edges with a pencil (sideboard in the living room) 


Mountain hut: 
Leave the mountain hut 

Ludwig apartment: 
Leave Ludwig’s apartment > Visit the book launch 

Launch Event: 
  • Pick up headphones and book 
  • Talk to Claudia 
  • Go on stage 
  • Place the book on the lectern
Mountain hut: 
  • Pick up the ladder next to the hut 
  • Use the ladder > open window 
  • Talk to Clara on the laptop 
  • Exit the mountain hut (through the window or the key from the pot) 
  • Click on the location of the kidnapping 
  • Pick up Ludwig from Ludwig’s apartment 
Location of the abduction: 
  • Click on Ros cell phone in the van 
  • Move into the house (using the front door)
  • Use the knife from the inventory on Ro 
  • Pick up the iron bar and wooden beam by the wall 
  • Use both on the door 
  • Carry the brick you see on the terrace of the house 
  • Use the brick on one of the two glass doors 
  • Pick up the Polaroid camera and beer glass 
Stop the shadow: 
  • Apply Polaroid camera to shadow 
  • Apply beer glass to shadow 
Mountain hut: 
  • Prepare tea in the kitchen 
  • Apply Polaroid from the shadow to the murder board 


  • Marie touched somethings (Just click on the 3 places)
  • Statue in the 1st screen,
  • Bush on the left side of the statue, 
  • Column at the very end of the corridor when you walk along the edge of the palace 
  • Click on the stairs to rest 
Mountain hut: 
  • Answer Clara’s call 
  • View Adam’s diary (click all the way to the right) 
  • Pick up and read Marie’s letter 
  • View Marie’s diary (click all the way to the right) 
  • Click on the secret page
Search for ritual objects: 
  • Salt from the kitchen 
  • Spring water from the fridge 
  • Polaroid from the murder board 
  • Thistle 
  • Mirror from the study 
Use ritual objects outside among the trees: 
  • Mirror 
  • salt 
  • Polaroid 
  • Thistle 
  • Spring water 


  • Search the villa 
  • Head Upstairs > Front of Door (after bell rings)
  • Talk to Ludwig in the bedroom 
  • Search the garden 
  • Go up the stairs 
  • Talk to Ro 
  • Pick up the mirror 
  • From the long bookshelf in front of the bathroom (pick up a brown book) and a Shadow's personal item.
  • Connect the item to the mirror 
  • Use the mirror on Ludwig 
  • Click on the energy barrier 
  • Move up the sand and knife from the denim jacket 
  • Apply sandbag to energy barrier 


  • Mountain hut: 
  • Pick up black crate 
  • Use crate on murder board 
  • Stow crate in cupboard 
  • Go to the cemetery 
Apartment Ludwig: 
  • Walk through living room, bedroom and bathroom 
  • Go to the cemetery 
  • Talk to Ro
Thanks for reading my blog post on the Markus Ritter Ghosts Of The Past Walkthrough. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.

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