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Mind Over Magic Wand Tier List - (Based on Opinions)

Mind Over Magic Wand Tier List - For players looking for the Mind Over Magic Wand Tier List. This guide contains all wands and their tier category...
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Mind Over Magic Wand Tier List - For players looking for the Mind Over Magic Wand Tier List. This guide contains all wands and their tier category ranging from Tier S to F. This list was drafted based on Opinions, you can also drop yours in the comment section.

Mind Over Magic Wand Tier List - (Based on Opinions)

This guide will give you an overview of which wands to expand your school.

Table of Contents

Mind Over Magic Wand Tier List

The main factor is combat mechanics (mainly damage and defense, not speed) and minor factors like quest ability, ritual/build requirement, etc. 

Disclaimer: This is purely based on my opinion and I'm not aware of it either far from complete, so I hope to receive some feedback to improve this guide.

Mind Over Magic Wand S-Tier: Air Wand I

Mind Over Magic Wand Tier List - (Based on Opinions)

Literally the best wand you can get right now, with a combination of high multi-damage and good defense.

Shield of Wind I can nullify any single attack from the enemy, no matter how high the damage is, it can also be given to your ally, the only downside is that it can only nullify one attack, so if the enemy only multi-attacks, the first attack is nullified (it also cannot be stacked).

The Multistrike II skill deals triple damage in one turn, even more, when combined with The Shattered and Raven Cult's +15 and +20 bonus damage. He only has 3 base damage so make sure you get the right race and complete the medallions that increase the bonus damage.

Small tip: You can increase the "student" bonus damage by performing Ritual of Might on Oraculum of Power with only 25 Phoenix Kiss and Ice Petals after clearing the stages of The Spine event. Make sure you don't raise it while they're still a student before you hire them - you can't do that as a teacher, I had to learn that the hard way.

Mind Over Magic Wand Tier List - (Based on Opinions)
Regardless, it's already a quality wand for the early game, I even soloed this wand student 1vs3 to get his/her medallion. Also for this task, the Air Wand can do the drawing task (which is a bit annoying later in the game) much more effectively than the others.

Mind Over Magic Wand A-Tier: Earth Wand I

Similar to the Air Wand I, the Earth Wand I provides a combination of medium burst damage and the best defensive skill (low mana consumption as well), which is good for front-line tankers.

Smash II deals a single damage to the enemy, which is pretty basic.

Meanwhile, Earth Armor I is the best defensive skill in all of Tier I, you get 60 armor in one turn and can stack it on your next turn, it also Taunts your enemy so they only attack you and your allies stay harmless. , for only 20 mana!! 

Disadvantages were: 
- Can only be applied to wand user
- Can't cancel damage like Shield of Wind I, so if the damage goes over 60, say 70 (usually from Underschool bosses) it takes 10 damage
- The wand user usually has low HP (I've never met The Vivified HP +150 base race with Earth Wand) so be careful with mana consumption, especially when fighting a boss fight in a 3-wave room.
- You also relatively can't solo him/her, if you don't use flare potions, just pass them if they have an impossible solo attempt.

For building requirements, you will need an Earth Wand user to work with the Croneburg Pen (a very important building later in the game for making Frost Glass for large windows).

NOTE: Combine Air Wand and Earth Wand users, and you can easily clear all stages, just make sure the Earth Wand user has a higher speed to cast Earth Armor first.

Mind Over Magic Wand B-Tier: Water Wand I 

This wand only has two attack skills with no defense. 

Soak I will do a single attack on the enemy, reducing their damage and speed, but with a terrible 40 mana, which is a lot (it also won't affect much in battle). 

Torrent II also deals a single attack on an enemy, but with +40 bonus damage when the user is placed in the back row. 

However, the base damage is usually very low, so it will still be lower than the total damage of Multistrike II and Smash II, and it can only have the effect in the back row, so you can't solo a Water Wand user (solo front row only), the only benefit is that it only consumes 10 mana.  

When it comes to the ability to perform tasks, the Water Wand user does clean work better than others.

Mind Over Magic Wand C-Tier: Lightning Wand I

You get one spell skill and one attack skill with this wand.

Recharge I is a magic skill that replenishes the user's mana, which is good for boss fights. The downside was that it could only be used on allies, so you'd need two Lightning Wand users to replenish each other's mana, which is pretty pointless. 

Also, early battles are usually short, so this Tier I skill is rarely used as well. Even solo can hardly do it except using potions.

Bolt II does a single attack on one enemy, which is very similar to Smash II, the only difference is the animation, it does yellow lighting, kachaw.

The reason I put it in C-Tier rather than Dark Wand I is because you'll need 2 Lightning Wand users (which is Lightning 3 in the early game) to summon gifted students, yeah that's it.

Mind Over Magic Wand D-Tier: Dark Wand I

Similar to the Lighting Wand I, it has one spell skill and one attack skill. Also for the whole game, you can only get this wand for The Vivified and The Shattered races (based on my walkthrough).

Shadow Cloak I grants 20% Dodge to a single ally for 2 turns (can be used on self). Good for The Shattered, who has the lowest base HP, but basically useless for The Vivified, who has the highest base HP in the game. 

This skill is usually used to boost your attack skill (or for another Dark Wand user). Also, don't rely too much on his Dodge effect, as it's only 1 in 5 (20%) every time.

The tentacle skill - I forgot the name (IFTN) - is an attack skill with 30 base damage (Vivified usually has 0 bonus damage, so it stays the same most of the time). 

But when the user has the Shadow Cloak effect, it increases the total damage by +40 to 70. The worst part is that you will need 2 turns OR 2 dark wand users to get this 70 damage, which is only 35 dmg/turn, which is relatively less than other wands dmg/turn.

There's also no essential ritual or building that needs a Dark Wand to work, so crafting this wand is pretty pointless (I got a lot of this wand from the clearing quest in the meantime, so I obviously have a lot of Dark Wand I user). 

Also, there is still a bug with the tentacle ability not showing the execution animation after killing an enemy.

Mind Over Magic Wand E-Tier: Wand of Nature I

This wand has one spell skill and one attack skill with the lowest damage. One of the worst wands in the game rn.

The IFTN spell, (I've rarely used this wand so I have a hazy memory of the skill but I'm pretty sure it doesn't heal) will target multiple times in one row and increase speed? There you go, HP SHOULD INCREASE, THERE IS LITERALLY NO HEAL IN THE ENTIRE GAME, except for potions, thanks to the Multiverse of Madness.

The IFTN attack thing from what I remember has "Growth" in its name, it attacks one enemy and applies a spike effect to them that stops them from moving??? what? THE ENEMIES LITERALLY DON'T MOVE WHATSOEVER.... (I only play on Relaxed so I didn't know the IFTN hard difficulty mechanics), And it ONLY HAS 15 BASE DAMAGE???? 

The average enemy HP is 100+, so you'll need 7-10 turns to solo attack him 1vs1. I literally have a student of Nature Wand I who has a solo trial and guess what I can't complete it (because it's impossible even with a lot of options in the early game, you'll be killed first and you also can't use Revival Flask if you're solo), then straight her I'll send her to graduate - she's the only student so far that I've graduated in the entire game without full honors/medallions.

The ONLY reason I didn't put this wand on the bottom is that you'll need a Nature Wand user to control the Croneburg Pen mid-game. 

So in the end, I demand to call the Nature Wand II student to do this. So far I only have 2-3 Nature Wand users in the entire game, 1 from the teacher before the game (I'm not sure about this), 1 Nature Wand I student that I graduated, and 1 Nature Wand II student to control. Kroneburg Pen.

Mind Over Magic Wand F-Tier: Fire Wand I

This wand will give you one spell skill and one attack skill. As a Fire Mage fan, I feel bad for putting it on F-Tier.

Vengeance I is a magic skill that grants two users in the first row a revenge effect - dealing 20 damage to the enemy that attacked them. The worst part is, what's the point of taking 20 damage when the enemy does 40-60 damage? (yes it doesn't cancel damage) and only has 2 tokens/stacks so 40 vs 80-120, you die first.

Fireball II is an attack skill very similar to Smash II and Bolt II, yes, the difference is again only in the animation, as well as its name - Fireball. It also only has 30-40 damage (if I'm not mistaken), so it's still lower than the average enemy's 40-60 damage, which isn't worth it.

The reason I put Fire Wand I in one of the worst wands is because it's better at the Destroy quest - which is a USELESS quest in the entire game. 

If you're not going to spam the storage, doing Destroy without reward/reagents is just a waste of time (especially if you're going after the medallion).

I only have 1 Fire Wand user in the entire game so far (Wolfkin's only teacher before the game), I haven't even researched Recipe for Fire Wand II and still don't plan to soon, and yet the game runs fine. 

There's nothing you can't do without the Fire Wand that other wands do, so its existence itself is pointless. If the devs don't polish this wand in the next patch, just don't build it.

Thanks for reading my blog post on the Mind Over Magic Wand Tier List. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.

Written ByEdhyRa

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