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New Players Beginner Tips for Mercury Fallen

New Players Beginner Tips for Mercury Fallen - Are you new to this video game on Steam? You need to check out this guide that contains everything you.
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New Players Beginner Tips for Mercury Fallen - Are you new to this video game on Steam? You need to check out this guide that contains everything you need to know as a beginner in Mercury Fallen.

New Players Beginner Tips for Mercury Fallen
Table of Contents

Basic Information

Your crew consists of colonists and robots 

they all have three basic stats




These all affect their tasks, mostly in the way that you´d expect (smarts is good for research) and which can be reviewed by hovering over the job icon. 

You can reroll them; sometimes they will get a high stat in different jobs.

New Players Beginner Tips for Mercury Fallen

You will also need a Botanist to be in charge of growing food (not a Biologist), an engineer who will help craft items, and a technician who will ensure generators and machines are well charged.

NOTE: If you don´t get a quirk that forbids them some specific jobs (“will not cook”) everyone can do every job AND they will level up in their performed jobs 10 being maxed level. 

Later on, they can train their 3 basic stats with training facilities (I don´t know the max level). 

Types of Robots

For the robots (I have found so far), we have two types which are : 

Worker Bots

Worker Bots can do the following jobs:






Deep Drillers

Deep Drillers can only: 



These deep drillers are the only ones you can use to deep mine, which is more like digging up resources out of the floor tiles.

New Players Beginner Tips for Mercury Fallen

You CAN roll a deep driller at the start which I recommend because you can build your base without having to remember where you built over resource tiles. You will also get access to more resources.

If you don´t start with one it is a pretty long wait till you can research one and they are expensive to build. 

Choose a map to your liking though bigger means more space and thus more resources underground. It will take some time till you get to planetside exploring.

Waking Up 

To activate the robots located in the starting room, you will need to first open the Stasis Capsules.

Next, assign them three jobs each. 

Always assign jobs because if there is no one assigned for a task you want, nothing will happen.

– With Mining, you get to remove the natural walls and everything not dirt will give resources.

– The building will remove artificial structures (walls, floors, machines, and capsules) 

– The process of hauling will help you store resources in containers (Builders will still take them for their jobs even if on the floor) 

– and so on. If you want something done and nothing happens maybe no one has the job for it. 

Feel free to change jobs and their priorities anytime you want.

Specific tiley need specific tasks: 

G – gathering has Mine/Harvest/Deep Drilling 

H – deconstruct has Structure/Floor/Power/Water 

So if you´re trying to get something away and it will not become selected maybe you have the wrong category.

Provide them with food (no water), sleep, and a better environment.

There is a box that contains the basic rations and equipment. 

They will sleep on the floor (and not like it) eat while standing (and not like it) and work in the open (and not like it). 

The “Tutorial” instructs you what to do e.g. build some fields for crops. 

Colonists will also feed on raw potatoes (and not complain) though cooked food reduces hunger. Food variety will stay low for rather long. 

Hemp allows you to craft clothes and this can boost your mood because you get to craft bed, mind you this Hemp will not get you weed. 

Basic Basing 

You need rooms, which consist of a wall-enclosed space (a door would be nice) and a floor. 

Different structures require different floors but the build menu tells you which. Only hallway floors boost up your movement by 10%

Rooms have a decor value that affects stress (for colonists) and productivity (for the machine) levels. Add lights and decor and colonists can work longer.

Also, don´t put too many machines into one room as it is harder to get the whole room to have pleasant decor.

New Players Beginner Tips for Mercury Fallen

You can put the EMGs in a different room to save lots of stress when recharging.

Again everything can be viewed with mouseover (why am I writing this guide…?) If you don´t enclose rooms, cave-ins can occur. 

Robots don´t have stress levels but power levels and need to be recharged on a charging station. 

You should also build a research room quickly and get beds and food prep (reduce sleep downtime for colonists)

The fishing trap catches mostly worms (even with bait) which only clogged my storage… 

Every machine/bed/etc. can be moved, walls/doors/floors/wires/plumbing and the elevator can´t. 

However, the latter can be deconstructed without resource loss. I like! 

So your resources don´t get lost generally unless you burn them in a generator (anthracite) or craft mods for robots/colonists/machines and replace them. 

You´ll get a warning… On the other hand, all minerals are ultimately limited (bioplastic and cloth are not since they´re based on hemp). 

After establishing a basic economy (research, craft, eat sleep) you´ll want to build an elevator. which starts surface exploration…after a while…

Thanks for reading my blog post on New Players Beginner Tips for Mercury Fallen. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.

Written By: Panarus

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