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One Armed Robber Museum Guide

One Armed Robber Museum Guide - It will cover other stuff such as Equipment, Infiltration, and also... how you can disable alarms.
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One Armed Robber Museum Guide - This guide will help you to finish the museum heist in One-armed Robber. It will cover other stuff such as Equipment, Infiltration, and also how you can disable alarms.

One Armed Robber Museum Guide
Table of Contents


One Armed Robber Museum Guide

  • Equipped with a suppressed pistol (Load > Pistol > Modify > Muzzle > Suppressor)
  • Be sure that you have completed the stealth tutorial (and just understand it)
  • Come with a lockpick too.

Step 1: Infiltration

Unlock the front door:

Use your lock on the front door. The guards are inside and their observation time is generous enough to give you a window to slip through.

Note: Cameras are present, but you can run past them like most guards.

Movement through the main hall:

Stick to the left wall for cover and to avoid detection.

Tip: Time your moves based on guard patrols.

Finding the Manager's Office:

One Armed Robber Museum Guide

As you move along the left wall, you will come across a door. Lock to get to the corridor with the guard. The manager's office with the key card is in this hallway.

Tip: there is an answering station nearby.

Getting a Blue Card:

The key card is on the table

Tip: Use this card on the cellar door.

Step 2: Disabling the alarms

Navigation in the basement:

Stick to the left wall until you find the door to the basement, go into the other room wait for the guard to come, and then go into the basement.

Avoiding the camera:

Go down to the basement, avoid the camera, and unlock the door leading to the alarm.

Tip: Time your actions when the camera is looking away. ❤️

Step 3: Silencing Camera and Guard Handling

Go back to where you dealt with the guard. Go through the back door, lock the door on the left, and shoot the camera.

Tip: Guards won't notice a broken camera.

Cameraman's Room:

The camera operator's room is in front of the entrance

Tip: shoot the camera when the guard above isn't standing by the door

Handle the upper floor protective cover:

Picklock the upstairs upstairs, on the left

Tip: Other guards won't see this guard after shooting it down, so it's just a hindrance.

Killing the Last Guardian:

One Armed Robber Museum Guide

Jump down, choose another door, wait for a good moment, and take out the guard. The answer station is in the middle of the main hall.

Tip: You can just walk past every guard because they are too stupid to look at you.

STEP 4: Grab the Loot and Escape

Using a pallet on wheels:

Grab a pallet on wheels and load it with stolen goods.

Warning: Watch out for the guards. They may be curious.

Exit through the back:

Exit the back door with the pallet and head to your van. There are no cameras in the back.

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