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Peasant's Quest v3.15 Save File - (v2.5.1 & v2.6.0)

Peasant's Quest v3.15 Save File - For players looking for the Peasants Quest save file. This guide contains some of the saves on game forums...
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Peasant's Quest v3.15 Save File - For players looking for the Peasants Quest save file. This guide contains some of the saves on game forums, and we also gave credit to the owner of each file.

Peasant's Quest v3.15 Save File - (v2.5.1 & v2.6.0)

Mind you, I wouldn't like to discuss much about this game because it contains some explicit content kids are not to view. So take this as a disclaimer that this blog does not promote any adult games or sexual content.

Table of Contents

Peasant's Quest v3.15 Save File - (v2.5.1 & v2.6.0)


  • This save file is unofficial and use it at your own risk. 
  • Back up your own save before adding the uploaded save. 
  • If you want to share your savings, please leave a comment.

Peasant's Quest Save Files [V3.15] 

Author: mamaboiii 

Upload date: 2023-12-15 

  • Status: File 4 is the end of version 3.15 (ie all quests done that I know of); the amount of items is cheated (99x potions, etc.) 
  • Source: Original file somewhere from here for the old version, then I moved on when more updates came out. 
Just talk to Frida to start the current update.

File Size: 306.8 KB
Download Zip(Google Drive)

Peasant's Quest Save files for v2.5.1 and v2.6.1

Author: disrupt 

Versions: 2.51 and 2.60 

Save files: 
  • Save batch 01 
  • Save batch 02 
  • Save batch 03 
Author Description:
There are 65 saves in total split into three batches of 20, 20 and 15. The logs attached to this post show which quests were completed for each save. 

If you want to play a specific quest, load a save from BEFORE the save where it says completed. Check the status and quest trackers when loading the save in case I mislabeled something. 

Of course, I had to name MC's kids along the way. These names are listed in the logs in case they appear during the game. 

My MC's name is William (for The Conqueror, or maybe Shatner), which you can change at the mayor's office. If you don't like the children's names, go back to an earlier save.

File Size: 701 KB / 864 KB / 701 KB

Download Zip(MEGA NZ)

How to Install the Peasant's Quest v3.15 Save File

Before you start this process, make sure you have closed the game.

Download the uploaded files here (It is in a zipped folder format.)

Uncompress it and look for the save location, Replace it with the downloaded one. (Do not forget to backup your own saved file)

Start the game.

If you have a saved file that you would like to upload here. Kindly send it to us via email (

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Thanks for reading my blog post on the Peasant's Quest v3.15 Save File. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.
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