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Screenshot Map of Misty Maze in TEVI

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Screenshot Map of Misty Maze in TEVI - Have you been looking for the maps of Misty Maze? In this guide, we are going to share some pictures with information on what transition goes where. 

Screenshot Map of Misty Maze in TEVI
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Screenshot Map of Misty Maze in TEVI

Following the last update, Once you complete it, The Misty Maze goes into "no fog" mode. 

Don’t be like me, I left this area as the last one to complete when trying to 100% the map, and then, annoyed by how confusing it is to navigate. 

I started mapping it. After I reached the very last room, the map became immediately useless.

For me to come up with this guide, I already complete it. This guide won't be needed in the normal playthrough, because before you can complete the maze, it requires following the red roses after reaching the bottom-left room, the fog disappears and no longer teleports you all over the area. 

The guide is useful only if you want to 100% of the area while the fog is still active, for whatever reason.

General Information

The screenshot shows the maze part of the area (you might not see stuff such as entrance rooms, because they are irrelevant). The rooms are the same as in the main game but do not include enemies and items.

The screenshot room also features a minimap because the UI cannot be hidden. Mind you, some of the rooms on the map lack some information.

However, we have divided this map into grids. There is a big grid and a small one for your user experience. Each room exit in the screenshot map of Misty Maze has information on where it leads. 

For example: If the room leads to B5 from the right, it means you will enter B5 from the left. 

Some rooms have 2 side-by-side exits, but they both lead to the same room (I'm still writing them separately for clarity). 

Some exits are specially marked. => It means it goes to the room next to the exit but there is only one way. 

A straight line means the change is two-way; so you can go to the next room and come back. X's are usually inaccessible exits because they are blocked by a broken passage in the floor. 

However, you can jump and use the wall jump to reach the floors before they regenerate. You will leave the border and re-enter the same room.

The entry point is H1 and the exit point is A8. Once you reach the end of the room the cloud disappears, so avoid the cloud if you want navigation to be confusing. 

I was originally going to give each room a direction, but the map was useless so I abandoned that idea. Just know yourself.

Screenshot Map of Misty Maze

Screenshot Map of Misty Maze in TEVI

Thanks for reading my blog post on the Screenshot Map of Misty Maze in TEVI. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.

Written ByKoBeWi

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