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Stillwater – How to Get All Achievements

Stillwater – How to Get All Achievements: For Stillwater players who want to get all the achievements, this guide will show you how to get...
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Stillwater – How to Get All Achievements: For Stillwater players who want to get all the achievements, this guide will show you how to get all the achievements in 5 minutes.

Stillwater – How to Get All Achievements
Table of Contents

Basic Instructions

Options -> Skip -> Invisible text after choices 

Hold CTRL to skip text 

During the investigation scenes, enable object highlighting by pressing the “?” you see at the upper right corner and clicking all items to progress.

- Save 1

  • Take the case Enable object highlighting by pressing "?" 
  • Click on all highlighted objects

- Save 2

- Go to the picture (Beyond the Painting) 
- Load 2 
- Don't go painting

- Save 3

- Take the locket (Case closed) 

- Load 3

- Leave the locket (The Tale of the Mermaid) 

- Load 1

- Dismiss the case (Pull Strings) 

  • Take the case 
  • Don't go painting 
  • Take the locket 
(In the Dead of Night)

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