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(the) Gnorp Apologue Compression 10 Build Guide

(the) Gnorp Apologue Compression 10 Build Guide - This guide will help you to beat the compression 10. If you have additional comments, drop them...
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(the) Gnorp Apologue Compression 10 Build Guide - This guide will help you to beat the compression 10. If you have additional comments, drop them in the comment box.

(the) Gnorp Apologue Compression 10 Build Guide
Table of Contents

(the) Gnorp Apologue Compression 10 Build Guide

If you would like the fully explained process, this is How to Gnorp your way into Compression 10 in (the) Gnorp Apologue.


A lot of the endgame posts lacked clarity, so I wanted to share my build in detail.

Rockets are your main damage dealers and you just want as many modifiers as possible. Acid, frost, and zyge work. 

We have a lot of guns and bombers that mostly do time-warping. 

Fire breath is supposed to cause a time shift. 

Timeshift exists mainly to keep zyge arrows in stock, but also got away with fewer runners and still GEET them. 

I'm sure there is a more optimal setup, but I was able to do this with only 14 talent points.

Talents (14 points) in order:
(the) Gnorp Apologue Compression 10 Build Guide
Row 1: Motivation, Runner Backstop, Extra Housing, Bathing in Fire

Row 2/3: Gatling balloon, time-shifted delivery

Row 4/5: Future to the Back, Project Constellation, Rocket Gatler, Frostfire, Return to Sender, Deals, Reclamation Mitigation, Arrows' Last Hurrah.

Zyge consumption (9 total, 8 compression events before you face the 10th tact, and also free from the talent threshold):
  • 1 in the shard storage: Another case
  • 1 in Slam Club: Fire Breath
  • 2 in the GPL: Timeshift Impact*
  • 2 in archery for Zybellium arrows.
  • 2 in Garden: One for construction and one for Flower Power
  • 1 in the Rock Analysis Lab: Reclamation Nullification
I don't know if it would be better to use the other one elsewhere. I was thinking about Rocket Vulnerability.

Gnorps and upgrades:

House of Shards: every building

The Express (35 gnorps, could be less but will take longer): no inspiration, capacity ~30, max speed, showing 60% GEET (only 50% purchased), break, rush delivery

Slam Club (25 gnorps): Runner Inspiration, NO WARM UPS, max combo chance, Fire Breath, meditation triggered.

GPL (25 gnorps): Timeshift Impact x1-3, Ultra Boost, Concentration

Archery: Zybe, but buy fire + ice for housing for free

Rock Analysis Lab: all upgrades

Gun vs Rock: 6 gunners bought, set to ice, 0 Gatlegnorp, Grenade Launcher, Sticky Floral Residue

Shrine: Power

Garden: Only Green, Flower Power, Enriched Vomit

Missiles: 6x+6y

no drones, climbers, zygnorps, but I built buildings to live in.

Thanks for reading my blog post on the (the) Gnorp Apologue Compression 10 Build Guide. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.

Written ByAwesomeFresh

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