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Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC Weapon Tier List

Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC Weapon Tier List - Okay, So there are some weapons newly introduced in the emergency meeting DLC...
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Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC Weapon Tier List - Okay, So there are some weapons newly introduced in the emergency meeting DLC. This guide provides you a personal interest tier list drafted for each weapon and why they are in the category.

Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC Weapon Tier List
Table of Contents

Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC Weapon Tier List

I'm going to rank weapons based on their usefulness in 1 weapon run without eggs, hyperactivity, and haste, regardless of the character using the weapon. 

Evolutions and Base weapons will be placed in the same place in the tier list. I considered not even using arcana for weapon rating purposes, but since many of them are nearly impossible to survive the early game with, I ended up deciding that arcana was fair game.

SeeVampire Survivors Evolution Chart.

With that out of the way, let's get into the tier list;

Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC Weapon: S Tier

For me, an S-tier weapon would work great in the early game and fit well in the late game without needing any arcane plays. Unfortunately for the 1 series of weapons, there aren't really any weapons that fit into this category.

Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC Weapon: A Tier

  • Lifesign Scan
This is one of the best items added to this DLC. With potentially infinite scaling and built-in healing, it allows you to easily survive a standard run. And with a few mysteries like Sarabande of Healing and Blood Astronomia, you can easily go on a much longer run.

Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC Weapon: B Tier

  • Report!
This weapon would rank much lower, having to rely on other sources of damage like Blood Astronomy arcane early to survive and the short-range directional damage effect, it's really not a good weapon

However, its salvation is an evolution and an upgradeable item. With a passive ability that basically gives you a garlic effect to get you through the first few minutes, and the ability to completely remove 1 enemy type from your screen (which can be somewhat effective depending on how many different enemies you have on screen) the speaker now projects waves without stopping, it becomes a much better and usable weapon if you can actually survive long enough to evolve it.

Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC Weapon: C Tier

  • Science rocks
The main "problem" of the weapon is that, as with Report! you need to depend on some other source of damage to help you get through the downtime.

At first, you don't drop items fast enough to clear out the enemies swarming you. And later with evolution, squares alone don't increase damage nearly enough. 

The weapon's main draw is the missile fire that appears when you step on the tiles in the right order, but with the chaos of the late-game vampire survivors it can be incredibly difficult and most of the time you'll end up launching. somewhat disappointing outburst.
  • Sharp Tongue
Sharp Tongue is just a good weapon, it CAN be upgraded with arcane, but at the end of the day, it just doesn't scale that well with the area of ​​effect, which is incredibly important for weapons in its class. 

Its evolution doesn't change much either, and just doesn't do anything particularly noteworthy. If you decide to go with this weapon, be sure to grab the Arcane Gemini to double your attacks.
  • Clear debris
This weapon is basically just a pre-evolution mana song, only worse. 

Projectiles falling down the tube won't go through all enemies and you can only ever have 2 tubes at a time no matter how high your sum is. 

The evolution is why this weapon isn't lower because it works pretty well in the mid-late game even though there are better options out there.
  • Hats
This is just an average bone-like weapon with nothing to add.

Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC Weapon: D Tier

  • Lucky Swipe
Lucky Swipe is the only weapon in this tier list for 2 very simple reasons: its base version is complete crap and the development isn't THAT much better. 

The biggest flaw with the basic version of the weapon is that no matter how high you increase the area of ​​effect, the card will almost always be above your character. 

This means that all enemies coming from below will be able to damage you. Evolution isn't much better either. The only thing it does is high damage, but between the long wind and short duration, it's just not good.

Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC Weapon: F Tier

  • Just Vent
Based on perhaps the most iconic part of the game, the weapon finished dead last. While the concept of the weapon is great, blasting enemies into vents and eventually ejecting them with evolution, the game lacks one crucial point. 

Enemies are all around you in Vampire Survivor. So even if you somehow manage to survive the early game until the evolution, with weapons with low duration, area of ​​effect, AND low casting frequency, you'll have to deal with that every time the evolution sucks enemies to the side of the screen, you get damaged by them as soon as they pass through your body. 

And the eject gates don't even appear on either side of the screen, so you have some breathing room. They only appear on one side at a time and all you can do is try to avoid the enemies as you run to the side, shoot the enemies faster, and wonder why you chose that weapon.

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Written ByClueless Devi (they/them)

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