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Fixing the Story Mode Overworld State Not Saved Bug in Backpack Hero

Fixing the Story Mode Overworld State Not Saved Bug in Backpack Hero - New changes in the city of Haversack Hill are lost after a certain number...
Join us on Telegram Fixing the Story Mode Overworld State Not Saved Bug in Backpack Hero - New changes in the city of Haversack Hill are lost after a certain number of saves. This guide describes a temporary workaround to allow players to continue playing and save their Story Mode city-state up to ~1000 times until a permanent bug fix is ​​made.
Fixing Story Mode Overworld State Not Saved Bug in Backpack Hero
Table of Contents

What Causes Overworld State Not Saved Error

Currently, there is a bug in how the game handles the Story Mode Overworld state, which is the town of Haversack Hill.

After a certain number of saves, new changes to Haversack Hill will be lost and not saved.

Meta progress in story mode (missions completed, unlocks, items in your inventory) has its own save file and is not affected by this issue.

How to Fix Overworld State Not Saved Error in Backpack Hero

This fix method is temporary and it works for Steam on Windows 10:

1. Start Backpack Hero, but don't load a save game yet. This step is to sync your Steam cloud save before making any further changes.

2. Open the bookmark and open the Backpack Hero user data folder in Windows File Explorer. For Steam on Windows 10, this folder is at:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\TheJaspel\Backpack Hero
3. Make a compressed (zipped) backup copy of this folder! None of these steps are complicated, but making temporary backups is just good practice.

4. Add leading zeros to save files in the Story Mode Overworld state to make the save file number three digits. 

For example:
5. Load your Story Mode game, make a small change to Haversack Hill, and verify that the new Overworld file has been created. If so, that's it, you're done and can delete this backup zip file. If not, go back to the steps above and be glad you have a backup.

(Thanks to HightowerTwo and WangrieWanal on the Backpack Hero subreddit for their posts that pointed me in the right direction.)

More details and speculation

Here's my current understanding of what's going on:

In the game data folder, these Overworld save files are named as follows, where this is the 10th Overworld save for the Story Mode 1 slot:
When the game tries to create an 11th Overworld save file, it cannot add another digit to increase the save number from "…_9.sav" to "…_10.sav". Metaprogression in story mode is saved in its own file, but city changes are lost, as well as any resources already spent (food, building materials, treasure).

Story Overworld save file numbers are limited to three digits. Additional leading zeros are read but not preserved when creating new saves.

I don't know what happens when the saved file number reaches "…_999.sav". My previous attempt to use two-digit save numbers triggered the original problem when trying to pass the 100th save "…_99.sav". Since the underlying problem persists, this guide should be considered a temporary workaround rather than a permanent fix.

At ~1000 saves, another solution might be to rename all existing Story Mode Overworld save files to lower numbers, for example:
Only the latest 10 Story Mode Overworld save files are preserved. I think the game checks the save file number, not the date the file was created or modified.

Based on suspicions, I think the bug was added when a previous story mode save bug was fixed.

Submitting Errors

In conclusion, I believe bugs are most visible to developers when you submit them to the official Discord channel. In the game,

See Options for social media links.

Ctrl + Alt + B will create a zip file with user game data in a folder named “BugReports"

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