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Flexible Survival Debug Commands - (Cheat Codes)

Flexible Survival Debug Commands - This game might be old because it was last updated around May 2022. I had to share the commands because people...
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Flexible Survival Debug Commands - This game might be old because it was last updated around May 2022. I had to share the commands because people were still searching for the codes and commands.

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Flexible Survival Debug Commands - (Cheat Codes)

VoriaCheat: Gives the player Voria, a carnivorous plant pet, in a fully grown state.

However, there are plenty of useful debugging commands

Most of them are only concerned with reading the internal structures of the game - which is not very exciting for the player - but there are still some quite powerful ones that you will probably find useful. 

You will need to type "debug" before any of the following cheats will work. The debug command adds some extra text to the game's output, but you can always turn on debug mode, enter a cheat, and then turn it off to work around that. 

Since these are developer cheats, they won't affect your score. Here they are (note: not all are case-sensitive):

zGiveLevel: Raises the player's level. This prompts the player to choose a new feat or perk if applicable.

IWannaTest: Instantly awards the player fast travel points that they would get from Trixie's "Open World" cheat. This will also set all player stats (strength, dex, etc.) and level to 30 and give them the following feats (I think these are almost if not all of the available feats):
Automatic Survival - Bestial Power - Black Belt - Breeding True - City Map - Curious - Dazzle - Dominant - Experienced Scout - Expert Hunter - Expert Medic - Fast Learner - Fertile - Flash - Good Teacher - Haggler - Hardy - Horny Bastard - Litter Bearer - Martial Artist - Master Baiter - Maternal - Mayhem - Mighty Mutation - More Time - MPreg - Mugger - Natural Armaments - Passing Grade Chest - Perky - Regeneration - Ringmaster - Roughing It - Selective Mother - Spartan Diet - Spirited Youth - Stealthy - Strong Back - Strong Psyche - Survivalist - Double Team - Toughened - Unerring Hunter - Vampiric - Wary Watcher - Weaponsmaster - Youthful Tides
zAllPetTest: Gives the player all available battle allies.

zChangeSize: Allows the player to change body size without infection.

zImpreg <creature>: Impregnates the player with the specified creature (eg "zimpreg wyvern").

zInfect <creature>: Infects the player with the specified creature (eg "zinfect sabretooth"). Note: If you are playing the research scenario, it will not infect the player and will create empty vials that cannot be used.

RemoveFeat <feat>: Removes one of the players (eg "RemoveFeat Curious"). Note: this will not allow the player to select a new feat to replace the deleted one. Also, there is no way to add feats directly (except for "kinks" - see below). If you want to add one, you'll have to use the cheat to level up until the player is eligible for the new feat.

add Kinky: Adds a "Kinky" to the player.

remove Kinky: Removes the "Kinky" feature from the player.

flip sub dom: Changes a player from sub to dominant or vice versa. If the player has neither function, this command does nothing.

zSpawn <creature>: Spawns a creature, regardless of whether that creature in the area can spawn normally or not (eg "zspawn latex fox").

zUnresolve <event>: Unresolves the event. This will allow the player to replay a one-time encounter (eg "zunresolve dropped purse").

zItem <item>: Gives the player an item (eg "water bottle zItem").

zAllItems: Gives the player one of every item in the game (might want to do this in the library as it's guaranteed to overload the player).

zListAllItems: Lists all items in the game along with their description. This is useful in combination with the ItemsCheat debug code. Be aware that the list is extremely long. 

You may want to run this once and then put the list in a text file for future reference.

Thanks for reading my blog post on Flexible Survival Debug Commands. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.
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