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Holiday Island V0.4.1 Save Game (Updated)

Holiday Island V0.4.1 Save Game (Updated) - Have you been looking for the holiday island save game, This guide contains both the save files...
Join us on Telegram Holiday Island V0.4.1 Save Game (Updated) - Have you been looking for the holiday island save game, This guide contains both the save files to the previous version and the recent ones.
Updated January 2024 | We checked the new version
Holiday Island V0.4.1 Save Game (Updated)
Table of Contents

Holiday Island Perfect Save for V0.4.0.0 [PC]

Author: Tiffa Adill

Upload date: 28th of January 2024

How to install:
In your Holiday Island game folder… go to the folder called “game” and you will find a folder called “saves”.

This is where your save files will be located, named "" or similar depending on the slot number you save the game to.

Unzip the save file you downloaded, copy that file, and attach it to the post.

Size: 3 MB

Download: Google Drive

If you are looking to save files for other games, check out this page for all save games.

Holiday Island Save files for older version

  • Full Save for Semi: Download Link (Google Drive) | Uploaded via jasfest
  • Complete Saves for All Quests [2020]: Download Link (Google Drive) | Uploaded via Nemesis2play

Frequently Asked Questions for Holiday Island Save

- Does the game have a 100% save?

No, there is no 100% save; Holiday Island is a sandbox game with no set ending.

- How to change your name in the Holiday Island game?

The save files contain people's login information, so you may want to change the game to your liking. here is the method:
  • Open the console with SHIFT-O and type: girlname.playername = "newfirstname"
  • Instead of a new first name, you should enter the name you want to be called in quotes.
- How to enable autosave?

Autosave is enabled by default.

In the save window, click on the "A" page. Includes autosave.

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