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Power Vacuum Chapter 12 Save File - (Beta Version)

Power Vacuum Chapter 12 Save File - Want to get a save file to run the game from the latest Chapter 12 beta? This guide has you covered.
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Power Vacuum Chapter 12 Save File - Want to get a save file to run the game from the latest Chapter 12 beta? This guide has you covered.

Updated January 2024 | We have reviewed the new beta version of Chapter 12
Power Vacuum Chapter 12 Save File - (Beta Version)
Table of Contents

Power Vacuum Chapter 12 Save File [New!]

Author: Dartred

Upload date: 2024-1-7


This save will always be up-to-date and relevant. NTR is on but can be turned off by going to the hunter's bedroom and clicking on his face. NTR is also avoidable when it's on by making the right decision to avoid it as well.

Save file location:

Open Run (Windows + R), type “%appdata%” and enter. Find the "Renpy" folder and find the "PowerVacuum" folder inside. Put the file there and enjoy.

Size: 496 KB

Download: Google Drive

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Complete Peasant’s Quest save for Chapter 8

Author: nNarsil


This is a test build for chapter nine. It's a heavily limited build with everything removed before chapter eight. You will need a save to play, which is at the end of chapter eight. I will provide one for Windows. I've played it through a few times already, so I don't expect any game-breaking issues if you stick to chapter nine.

Size: 263 KB

Download: Google Drive

Frequently Asked Questions Power Vacuum Saves

Q: Can NTR be avoided?

A: Yes. NTR is also not canon. They become the bad ending by making an obvious choice that leads to the MC failing. After watching the scene, the game will go back to the choice until you make the right choice and move the story forward. No NTR happens off-screen.

Q: Does this game have a grind?

A: No, not anymore at least. Before you can proceed, you must do the girls a favor to increase their relationship stats. This has since been removed. Some people will call visiting a girl multiple times for armor, but each visit is unique with new dialogue and now continues the story.

Q: Why can't I find the save game location?

A: Make sure you have already played the game for Renpy to create a save folder.

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