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How to Unlock All Characters in Brick Odyssey

How to Unlock All Characters in Brick Odyssey - Looking for how you can unlock characters in Brick Odyssey? This is a guide that will help you unlock.
Join us on Telegram How to Unlock All Characters in Brick Odyssey - Looking for how you can unlock characters in Brick Odyssey? This is a guide that will help you unlock Rangers, Elementalists, Shade, and Engineers.
How to Unlock All Characters in Brick Odyssey
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How to Unlock All Characters in Brick Odyssey

This is a guide that will help you unlock every character in Brick Odyssey. If you're struggling with some characters (or god forbid Shade) then this guide is for you!

Remember that once you unlock each character, you don't need to complete the game to unlock them. This means that once you complete the requirements, the character will be unlocked.


Ranger can be unlocked by killing the first boss. The boss is the Goblin Warchief. They are located at the bottom of World 1 and have a picture of two battle axes.

The boss does ranged attacks and the attacks get faster and faster until the scene is reset. 

It is recommended to get some bricks that can destroy bricks with dice or relics to improve the damage or increase the reset threshold.

When the stage resets, the warrior places the ball in the middle and aims the ball at a specific point. Defeat the boss by damaging its health and before you know it, the boss is DEAD.
How to Unlock All Characters in Brick Odyssey


This is the only character that must be unlocked after World 1. Do you have to tackle the? stains and find an Elementalist. 

The Elementalist will tell you that you are weak and need his help. Reject his help and accept his challenge to defeat every world boss except World 3.

You can make this easier by getting a map relic that allows you to see battles and chests. 

As this game is a roguelike, the position of elementalists is random, which means you need a bit of luck to find them.

If you can't find the elementalist on World 1, you have to restart. This is because you have to find an elementalist in each world to unlock it. After World 1, you'll be sure to meet him if you go to? stains.

The hardest part is that it just takes luck. You can play the game normally, but if you don't encounter an elementalist in World 1, you have to restart.


This is the most difficult character to unlock as it requires extensive knowledge of paddle and ball mechanics and requires good RNG

You can use any character to unlock it, but using a Guardian can break the ball mechanics.

Click on the option "Select Relic" to start the game. then click "Skip Relics". 

This will give you the +1 reset threshold that you will need for this next part. Also, when you complete your first (or second) encounter, don't pick any brick upgrades that might disrupt the ball's trajectory, such as the pyroball (since it would guarantee bounce) and potentially the rocket, multiball, and explosive. You can choose any other, although I recommend getting the Fury Brick if you can.

Just like the image below, you should get a similar level layout that looks like this. It should appear on either the 2nd or 3rd encounter, and if you don't see this map layout on the 3rd encounter, you should restart the run.
How to Unlock All Characters in Brick Odyssey
Now that you are on this map, you have to shoot with the paddle while moving. This will cause the ball to move 45 degrees depending on where you are moving (45 degrees to the right if you are moving to the right and the same as to the left). 

If the ball bounces off the paddle or lands in the kill zone, restart the run. You can also slow the ball down so that it uses an angle of 15 degrees for more accuracy.

What happens next depends entirely on the RNG. Either you're lucky the ball killed everyone on the screen or you have to restart. 

When the ball hits the blocks and stays up long enough, it should reset the stage. This is without a doubt the most difficult character to unlock as it requires a lot of luck and timing.

What makes this specific map layout ideal is the higher level bricks at the bottom which give the ball more time to stay up. 

This map also has a really low reset threshold, which allows the ball to stay high longer (so skipping the relics at the start is recommended).


This one requires the two of you to destroy 25 bricks in under 5 seconds. It is recommended that you do this in World 1. 

You can choose any character, but the ranger can be ideal for increasing the number of damaged bricks per 5 seconds.

To do this, you will need a lot of brick upgrades that destroy bricks, such as an explosive, rocket, pyroball, or multi-ball. 

Explosive and missiles are ideal because they damage dice at the same time, and pyroball damages dice without bouncing back. 

You can also choose relics that increase the speed of the ball or add some modifier to the ball. 

The detonator can be useful in case you reach the reset threshold and the rockets haven't been hit.

Now all you need is a level layout with lots of bricks. There are several options in World 1. If you fail to get an Engineer in World 1, you should restart. 

The hard part of getting an engineer is that you are fighting enemies so you have to destroy 25 bricks in 5 seconds before all the enemies are killed.
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