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Adetunji Jeremiah is a professional writer who has been featured on other blogs. His interest in Roblox and Steam games has helped him in the success of this blog.

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I'm Adetunji Jeremiah

Hey guys, Welcome to AJHAYHACKS where I love to always share my personal interest in Roblox and Steam games.

I am a 20-year-old game lover and a dedicated writer, who prefers to immerse myself in the virtual game world. 

My passion for games on Roblox and Steam has driven me to start up a blog where I can explore, analyze, and share some answers to problems available on Reddit through my articles and game guides.

I have played some of Roblox's best games such as Haze Piece and may spend more time crafting content which includes tier lists, console commands, and game trellos. 

Each article on my website, I create to meet up with the searchers' intent and provide answers to their queries.

Aside from Gaming what else?

While I'm all about games, I still spend my time on a variety of hobbies to keep myself balanced. Most times, I just head over to Reddit for keyword research to pen down some queries trending online.

Honestly, I find solace in writing, singing, and getting lost in a good book. These hobbies have helped fuel my creativity.

Any Ambitions and Aspirations?

Most people think I'm just all about the game. That's a lie though. 

I am also working towards becoming a DATA ANALYST. I am currently studying Statistics at the University of Ibadan through distance learning. I use my time to focus on both my education and this blog.

I have tried so many niches in the past, but my heart has always brought me back to gaming.

Do you Allow Guestposting?

While I'm open to guest posts, I prioritize the human touch

I believe in the power of genuine, human-created content and steer away from AI-generated posts. It's all about the authentic, relatable connection we build through real human experiences and perspectives.

This website contains straightforward content and to the point, the main goal is to satisfy your game queries and curiosities. So if you are an experienced gamer, welcome to my website.
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